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Live Raspberries: Quick Question


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I have a question for Eric and/or Raspberries and/or Bernie re: the upcoming CD....

Are there any plans to issue a "members-only" release --- something special for those of us who hang out at EC.com and/or Raspberriesonline.com and/or Raspberries.net?

I won't suggest a scratch-and-sniff fruit-flavored CD sticker or cover, although that tactic did attract a fair amount of attention three decades ago.

Rather, I'm thinking about a truly value-added bonus --- like a limited-edition version with an extra track (even an older live performance culled from the mists of time) or two....

Or, what if the band autographed a limited number of copies to sell at a higher price? I'd definitely pay some extra coin to get the band's John Hancocks on the cover.

Here's to a wildly successful release!


PS: Apologies if this has been addressed on another thread that I might have missed.

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