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Who cares about the hair? The Sweet were largely dependent on the Chinnichap songwriting/production team for their songs, whereas Eric was dependent on only Eric.

I love Chinnichap music, and even some of the music that The Sweet created themselves at the end, but Eric's a singular talent, hair be damned . . .

. . . and if we're talking about looking "girly," The Sweet tried hard to affect that very same look. Glass houses . . . stones . . . you know the routine.

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You know, I wrote my little "tongue-in-cheek" Sweet review in response to the "Eric Cardboard" reference in Steve Priest's book.

Truth be told, I was just trying to be a little entertaining. I don't take myself or anybody else that seriously. Pop music is just that, pop music. Getting into a gang fight with diehard Sweet fans is just a bit silly. Sweet were a fine little pop-rock band who made a number of well-received records. When I toured with them, they were less than "sweethearts" but that was in 1976 for goodness sake. I haven't even thought about them until this thread was posted. Music is subjective. People like what they like. Enough already. There are far more important issues in the world than Eric's hairdo vs Brian's hairdo. Get over it, already. If the Sweet website wants to pound this into the ground, let them have at it. I played with the wankers and I personally couldn't care less what they or their fans have to say.I'm sorry some of them are dead (although they lived to a ripe old age).

Let's move on, shall we?

If I see one more negative post, I'll delete the whole thread.

( Oooh, Feel the power!)


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P.S. I buried my Aunt Muriel today. She was a REAL musician. Her funeral was attenended by a small group of some of the most elite players of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. These are graduates of Julliard, hired by George Szell, who came to pay their respects to my wonderful Aunt. We had the principal bassist, cellist, first and second violinists etc. there. I've known some of these folks since I was seven years old and the Orchestra's "mascot".

Music is about uniting people. That's why I'm a musician. I will have no more of the divisiveness of this goofy thread.

I'm not going to dignify any further nonsense with a reply. I wish Sweet the best of luck.

Let's move on.


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