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David Foster, Dianne Warren, Whitney Houston


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Reports mention that David Foster, Dianne Warren & Whitney Houston are working in the studio together again. David Foster notes that Whitney is in fine voice, great shape..and working hard.

I always envisioned Eric's "Someone That You Loved Before" (co-written with Warren) being performed by a contemporary Diva ( like Mariah Carey). I know Diana Ross covered it with some success...but wouldn't it be cool if Whitney roared back with this EC gem?

We've probably covered this subject before but what other EC songs do you envision others singing and why?


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Billy K.. hey If I'm not mistaken tunesmith extradordinaire Foster is from the University of Washington in Seattle, and Quincy Jones hails from here too.. love to be a fly in the wall if those two had a beer at the Northlake Tavern...

EC: Let's rehearse/practice and noodle that solo tour here in Seattle, off the radar.. we'll set you up with the venues, or the stage in my house.. Pull a Billy Joel, and play unannounced, Eric Howard, at the 13 Coins near Sea-Tac

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