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Eric: If You Had One Question To Ask US...


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LOL. You guys are just killing me...

To answer Eric's question: No, it sure as heck ain't Cary Grant.

And Tony, if you're really going to do the song justice you have to get a line about Viagra in there somewhere. You do realize that, don't you?

LOL...those lines definitely give brand-new meaning to the phrase "don't say I didn't warn ya"...

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Eric Carmen said:

That's "bop-om do-don-om-op-shoop" if you don't mind! ec <img border="0" alt="[Rant]" title="" src="graemlins/rant.gif" />

You shoulda told 'em at Capitol when they "printed" the lyrics for "Raspberries' Best"-- i double checked... that's what's printed...

absolutey pure rock & roll genius... like Spinal Tap says it's a fine line between sexist and sexy... or something like that!!!!

and the colored girls go, "do do do do do do do..."

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Hey Pat, Considering the bang-up job Capitol did when they designed(?) that album cover, I'm surprised they even got the track list right. If they gave an award for worst covers of all time, this would have to be in the top five. On the other hand, the cover for the new "Live" disc will undoubtedly be the best we've ever had. That's because a certain person known to most of you here at ec.com with a very keen mind and an artistic eye will be HEAVILY INVOLVED in the process. ec

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Eric, I'm sure there is a part of you that does regret ever singing those lyrics, and I can understand that... especially a man in your place and standing in the community, so to speak... but there is a part of me that at one time or another has been in a position where that song was life! Maybe it was a young and cock-of-the-walk attitude or maybe it was a bitter-after-a-breakup time... but for all the "regrets" that I have over certain times and things in my past, I know that they all have gone into the creation of the man I am today...

It might be harder to sing those words today with the same kind of inspiration, but the song is still a powerful song... and I've said before, as has been alluded to by others, that it's quite possibly the inspiration for "What's Your Name" by Skynyrd and who knows how many other great songs through the years?

To me "All Through The Night", like so many other 'berry fine tunes you have recorded, speaks on more than one dimension... depending on the listener...

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Another way to go, just for the sake of argument? You've commented that all of you are much better musicians now than you were as kids. What if you took that skill, cranked up the intensity of the music and dropped the lyrics, and turned it into the Raspberries first instrumental? Yeah, it's different, but not really any different than taking I Wanna Be With You and turning it into a ballad. Just a thought to try to make all parties happy.LOL

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Really?... :blink:

From what I hear, these guys are all burned-out on writing new songs. They try, and can't get past the first line. Too much factory toxic waste in the Ohio soil has taken it's toll on the creative side of their brains.

So, these once second-wave power-pop pioneers have resorted to milking every cent they can sqeeze out of their catchy 30 year old tunes, as we fans, eagerly await a quality live recording of their "oldies show".

Now, I don't really believe all of this, But the Reverend Sun Yung Bill O'Reilly has taught me to consider both sides of every issue before I make a fair and balanced opinion on the subject...

But mainly, I just want to get a curse word out of the Darlene-lama. :D:P;)

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I bet Wally has some great bits and pieces of songs that Eric and Dave could do some wonders with. They could even do it long distance through the net, with Kay's help...

But first, they would have to get past all of the email exchanges:

"You're Trite!"

"No You're Trite!"

"No You're Triter!"

"We'll, You're Country Trite"

"Well, You're Bubblegum Trite Infinity..."

Then they could get down to some hit-writing business! ;)

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yes, classic Cartmill. Not as good as Cartmill's OReilly or Immigration periods though. Those formed the "essential" Cartmill in my opinion. I know the critics poo-poohed some of those posts, but theyll stand the test of time.( Tony best wishes on fatherhood, how big was the litter?)

Raspberries.net will probably suggest changing the titles on the entire catalogue:

Trite all the Way

It Seemed so Trite

Come Around and See Trite........


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