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'Hungry Eyes' Girl


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Mystery  solved!  I know the name of the brunette model, her first name is Dorotka (such an unusual name). We shared office space in the early 1990s in Century City (near Beverly Hills, CA). Her boyfriend, who also shared the space, was talking to me one day and mentioned that she was the model in the Hungry Eyes video, which explained why she looked familiar to me.  She is the brunette in the video and not the blonde. They put blue contacts on her for part of the video, but her hair and eyes are dark; it was definitely her. I think he said she was dating the director at the time. Don't remember hearing her last name, but her boyfriend's last name my have been Daniel - it's been awhile. At least you have a first name!

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Sally Steele just posted this AMAZING photo on her and Eric from the set of the music video on her Facebook page, filling in another missing piece of the puzzle. From her hair, makeup and wardrobe, we can now put her at the café table with Eric at the end of the "Hungry Eyes" video. Pretty cool!


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Sally Steele- her name made me laugh- when my sister was doing phone sales in the early 70's, the marketing director had her use a different name for the phone calls. They thought 'Sally Smith' sounded like she was a spammer! LOL!!

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IMDB.com pegs the brunette actress as Paulina Porizkova, the world class cover girl (as in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, etc.). But I don't think it's her? Here she is on the Letterman Show in 1986. 


And Jennifer Connelly was only 14 in 1984 - too young to make the HE video, in the same year she played a kid in the 1984 film "Once Upon a Time in America". 

So the mystery continues on...... 

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