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Good Vibrations


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Thanks for your answer about all the time you spent in your younger days listening to the vocal and instrumental tracks of all your favorite records. I do have a question about one of my all time favorite records.

I was a senior in high school when one day they said on the radio they were going to play the new Beach Boys song. I will never forget going to cross country practice and hearing "Good Vibrations" for the first time. WOW! I had never heard anything like that before.I had heard Elanor Rigby just before it and months earlier Satisfaction and Mr. Tambourine Man. But this was in a class all by itself. It just totally blew me away! You had to have really been overwhelmed when you tried to take apart all the layers of that wall of sound on your stereo! It has so much in it. Did you ever figure it all out to your satisfaction? What did you think of it the first time you heard it?


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In 1966, "Good Vibrations, " a tune many consider to be Wilson's crowning glory, was nominated for a Grammy Award. But 1966 was a very BIG year for music. Along with the Beach Boys hit, the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" was also nominated. But these stunning shifts and changes in popular music were not embraced by the Brill Building curmudgeons who controlled the Grammy Awards. They would have none of that! I could almost hear them cackling in the back room, "What's with this 'new' music these days? I can still remember when songs were SONGS! Let's give the Grammy to that catchy ditty 'Winchester Cathedral.'"

So they did.


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"Winchester Cathedral" is just one of many Grammy failures. However in 1966, Paul M won for “Best Contemporary (R&R) Solo Vocal Performance" – Eleanor Rigby, and in 1967, the Beatles won for “Best Contemporary Album (Pop) – Sgt Pepper .


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I have a certain fondness for Bill Fries (pronounced "freeze")---alias C.W. McCall. Bernie might too! They have something in common. See, Bill (C.W.) was an ad guy and did these commercials for "Old Home Bread" in our area back in the 1970's. The commercials were about trucker, C.W. and Mavis, a waitress who worked at "The Old Home Filler Up and Keep on Truckin' Cafe" (which by the way is located just 7 miles from where I grew up).

Anyway, that's pretty much how the whole thing got started. The commercials were a huge success back then and out of that came "Convoy". I'm even in one of the commercials as an extra, although, that was before the days of VCR's and I think you'd have to watch it frame by frame to see me. I got to pet Sloan the dog, got Mavis' autograph,etc... Pretty exciting stuff for a pre-teen!

--Julie (once again proving what a geek I am!)

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Great music,great artists,not getting the recognition they deserve ?-Nonesense.You're all turning into a bunch of "Cranky Old Men". Consider the following "Great Moments In Music".

-1) "The Way We Used To Be" has sold 40,000,000 records worldwide and been recorded by everyone from "Streisand" to "Bennett".

-2) "Let's Pretend" is played as much as "Aquarius" on "Oldies" stations and I'm getting damn tired of it.

-3)"Raspberries"-first ballot Hall Of Famers- nosed out "Percy Sledge".

OK. Can you stop your complaining please. Thanks.-Ira.

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