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"Frank At His Best"


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Eric...We've kidded alot here about Frank's mangling of pop and rock tunes from "Leroy Brown" to "All By Myself" and "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again".

But-They don't call him "Chairman of the Board" for nothin'...and I think the following is the perfect marriage of singer and song.

Eric-I was curious what you and others think of this beautiful,poetic (IMHO) song...and of Frank's fabulous (IMHO) interpretation.

One could even argue that "Young At Heart" is in a way.... Frank's version of "Teen Angst"...1950's "Pop Standard" style.

"Young At Heart"

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you,
If you're young at heart
For it's hard, you will find, to be narrow of mind,
If you're young at heart.

You can go to extremes with impossible schemes,
You can laugh when your dreams fall apart at the seams
And life gets more exciting with each passing day,
And love is either in your heart or on it's way.

Don't you know that it's worth every treasure on earth,
To be young at heart
For as rich as you are it's much better by far,
To be young at heart.

And if you should survive to 105,
Look at all you'll derive out of being alive,
Then here is the best part,
You have a head start, If you are among the very...young at heart."

Wadday'all think?

To me-Those lyrics are pure poetry!

This has long been one of my all-time favorite "favorites."-Ira.

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It really is an amazing song...really full of hope and yearning....and a song I try to listen to from time to time to remind myself to try to retain some of that youthfulness in my approach to life.

I truly feel that this site is a place where many people who remember what it is like to be "Young At Heart"-meet and talk.

That's one of the many things that makes it special"-Ira.

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