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Eric's Devil and the Deep Blue Ambivalence?

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Since most of us fans in the know agree that "Devil..." is a masterful melodramatic ballad with realistic hit potential, I wonder why Eric avoid commenting in previous posts about this great song!

Some questions:

1. Why did you not like this song enough to include it on a previous CD?
2. On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate it?
3. Do you like it better now with or without orchestration?
4. Do you think it would sound good as a surprise number on the set list with the Cleveland Pops in October?

("Cindy In The Wind" too!)

No pressure EC...Answer or be sent to Gitmo. :blink:

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As I probably mentioned before in another post, we play Devil ocassionally in our weekend warrior gig. Everytime we play it, someone comes up and says "what a beautiful song! Who's it by?"

And of course I tell them about Eric and that it's not available. They do indeed appear let down when they get that answer. So yeah Eric, how come you've never released it?

Of course I'm the same guy who talked a local music store into stocking Gretsch guitars after the Beatles came out. Other than the one I bought, they didn't sell even one! What do I know? :(

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I want strategic but full orchestration build up rollercoaster ride, up, down, all-around, full G-forces on that last sharp turn, then the sweet quiet last vocal line and piano out-tro as we pull into the station...

Bernie, stop thinking demo. This ain't MTV Unplugged!

Would "All By Myself" have been a better record with just Eric and piano? NO!

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Now that you live with a child... your wife already did... ;) you have to worry about waking the youngster. A nice, soft piano piece will enable Tony (the Tiger) Jr. to sleep peacefully without being jarred awake by the sound of drums... or electric guitars!

And as for GITMO... I was at GITMO briefly during my NAVY daze... and as I recall there is an outdoor theater (where they show movies after dark) that we might forego the movies for a night or three of Eric performing... :)

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Eric always remains silent when this song comes up, except the quick quote from Bernie's book. I'm trying to get him to finally admit it is a top notch tune, and deserves to be studio recorded with all the passion that "ABM" was.

You can even use the demo vocals and let Bernie and the "Never Say Die" crew crank out the mix...

Or the Cleveland Pops...

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Eric, as well as other great composers, always understood the use of silence in his music. I guess that applies to this topic as well. Mystery builds energy. Or, maybe I'm imagining things. In any event, does someone have an idea how we could at least sample this song ?

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