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Eric's Speed Round


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1) Could you ever have imagined that 30+ years later your musical legacy would be so treasured, and that fans would STILL clamor for MORE new music from you?

2) The Hair. The early-mid 80's Hair. What's up with the Hair?

3) Believe it or not, you're up there with Lennon/McCartney and Brian Wilson. My top 3 songs EVER: 1) In My Life 2) Let's Pretend 3) God Only Knows. Try to pretend that your work isn't on par.

4) Boxers or briefs?

5) Beer, wine, or the hard stuff?

6) Paper or Plastic?

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I'm still amazed how many people were out there feeling what I felt about this music all these years. I thought I was all alone.

"Hi-I'm Ira from Edison and I'm an "Ericholic".(In unison) "Hi Ira. Thanks for sharing."

Real transcript from the New Jersey Chapter of an "Ericholics Anonymous" meeting Tuesday,May 2d,2006.-Ira.

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Ira, you are not alone. I looked around me at the various people on the subway tonight, and wondered what the probability was that at least ONE of them (besides me) knew Eric Carmen, knew the Raspberries...and what was the probability that at least one of them REALLY LIKED the music??


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I'm with Marlene...I loved the hair....and I'm telling you all, it still amazes me that we all feel such an "intimacy" (proprietory?) with Eric that we all chimed in about whether we liked his hair straight or wavy at the NY shows....we're all lucky he doesn't put out restraining orders!!! :)

The hair in the 80's was typical big 80's hair, Vab5....many cans of Final Net!!!

Oddly enough, I do not feel the need to know about the boxers or brief question...it must be that I need a live Carmen fix to get the juices flowing....

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I've always wondered which past or present classical pianist (besides Rachmaninoff) is Eric's favorite.

A few years ago I saw for the first time a young pianist named Simon Mulligan when he played for one of Joshua Bell's recitals here. He's a fantastic pianist--what a collaborator! What a musical nature! He and Josh Bell did a lengthy question and answer period after the recital and he was also very gracious and learned. I would love to hear him play a solo recital. I wondered if Eric ever heard him play.

He also happened to be absolutely gorgeous. That was the night I augmented my verbal repertoire with the golfing phrase, "I'll take a Mulligan..."

:) --Darlene

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That guitar player Neil Schon, in Journey had quite a nice hair-do also. I was standing about 10 feet from Jon Bon Jovi at the BB Kings show. He must spend 6 hours on his hair before goes anywhere. I always felt that one of the benefits of being a guy was you only need a 3-second courtesy brush before leaving the house.

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