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Raspberries Live Challenges


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For me personally, it would be "I Can Remember" because it is a very directed piece of music. I do the majority of the orchestral stuff and during most of the song, I will be watching Eric when he is soloing on piano to sync up what I will be playing. I really enjoy that aspect of it, because it's an intuition thing. It's all based on feel. Easiest? "I Can't Explain", I play shaker. Oh.. wait, in L.A. I played for 2 bars and then had nothing to do as it exploded. Then I felt pretty useless.


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The shaker incident in LA now seems like a funny story but at the time it was disastrous.

As I remember, Paul was playing the shaker and I see Wally look up in the air (you can see it in the video)and shake his head. I notice the glass of Diet Coke on his amp is now laying on its side and there is coke dripping down the front of the amp and all over the floor. I ran out and wiped the mess up and headed back to guitar world. Paul looked over to me and tossed the now empty shaker with no lid over to me at the same time Jennifer is calling me over to her keyboard and tells me that the keys are sticking down with every note she plays. When the shaker exploded the little balls inside not only landed on Wally's head but sprayed all over Jennifer's keyboard. The tiny little shaker balls were falling between the keys making them stick. I was able to clean out the majority shaker balls and the rest is history.

Just a side note, the LA trip for the crew and band seemed to be full of little Gremlins, but we fought through them and had a great show. I just hope we have the opportunity to back out on the road and do it again.

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