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well, i dont know what im doing here after my registration, im venezuelan always have loved the eric carmen's songs, and just wanted to know more about him because here in vemezuela i just could find twice music, and im simply loved all the songs i have heard from him, maybe the language limitations but its ok for me, i just hope he has many things to give to the human beings who likes life,love and his songs ;-D


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Thnx again Gord and Ibigirl, so I would like to know if eric has stoped to sing and if he has some shows, where can I go to see him, well im in venezuela now, maybe i can be in usa not so soon, but illbe there and i would like to know about it, Im just wondering how many songs he performed and were I can find his music and lyrisc so that way I wilol have something to ask or say here... XD

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