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Eric: An Educated Guess?

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eric, or anyone else involved w/ the harmonic reconvergence of the raspberries - what has seemed like a rather regional set of events has left many fans far & wide wondering: is there a chance or consideration that the reunion tour could be re-ignited to treat those of us away from the midwest (or east & west coasts) to take in the raspberries magic? being stranded down here in austin, texas (a great live music town, btw, where we'll turn out & treat ya right) while reading so many great reviews of the shows has left us chomping at the bits, to say the least. is reality that we should probably stop waiting & hoping, & settle for & look forward to the live cd (& dvd possibly?) instead? either way, many thanks to the raspberries for being there for us all, then & now - you guys laid some mighty big tracks!

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