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Eric's Future: One Man's Opinion


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I'm looking forward to spending time in Cleveland in October with everyone from the board. The NYC show and Bernie's party seem so long ago.

The anticipation of what we're all gathering for is exciting. But I have to say if Eric tells us we have to catch a ride on some comet, I'm drawing the line ;)

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Tim and Laura,

Paula (Razzy) and I will fly with you guys from Milwaukee. We flew with Laura on Continental for the first reunion show...I'm glad to see Midwest has a flight in October. Or maybe we can rent an RV and all drive there together??!! We can pick up other EC.comers on the way. Ha.

I'm thinking it's a Eric solo release concert. Eric, you MUST have a huge collection of unrecorded as well as new material laying around.

Raspberries reunion started it. The Choir got back together. Now Eric will do some solo new material. Then new Raspberries material will follow, with a tour to promote both.

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It sounds great, Eric. You have alot of replies, already. It has always been my favorite time when there is a social(or, listening)event with food. Why? It's part of our culture that keeps us all together. It calms things down. We can all joke around at ourselves and our lives, and not be serious like we have to be in our work. I like it the most, too, because I, finally, see people as they really are. :)

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Marvin IS the anti-Cartmill!!!! hahahah great!!!!

Not a Raspberries show...AHA!!!! I was right...EC gearing up for a solo show with the Edmonton Sumphony orchestra...featuring Procol Harum as the opener???

Whiter Shade of Raspberries...too bad...I would have liked to have seen one more Berries show...

I'll go see EC, only if Jim Bonfanti is on drums, Wally on guitar and Dave Smalley on bass.....wqit aminute .....that would be the Raspberries!!!


P.S. My premonition is getting closer to being revealed!

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Hi Eric,

Are you concerned that this Oct 6th date will conflict with the baseball division series? Or, are you like me and assume the Twins will win the central?

I'm kidding, the Indians have a great team this season. That reminds me, have you recorded the national anthem so the next time they ask...? Scott

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Skip, I'll let the band members speak for themselves on "this issue," as you call it, if they want to speak on it. There's plenty of forums where you can ask that question of each band member directly and possibly get the answer you're looking for. Anything I've heard privately remains private.

I will say that I believe each member of Raspberries (Eric, Wally, Dave, Jim, Scott, Michael) is a wonderful person. Families argue. Friends disagree. In the end, these good people will work things out.

Personally, I'm happy for any Raspberries-related event that comes up in the future, be it band reunions or solo projects. I truly love these guys --- every one of them. I'm glad our guys are still alive and kicking, and still willing to "play on" --- so many of the artists I grew up with are gone. Thank God we still have all the Raspberries with us.

Let's just be happy with whatever comes up in the future and enjoy it as fans.

Eric doing a solo show with an orchestra is something I've always dreamed of, and that's my area of attention now --- let's all work together to make it successful. (And if Rolling Stone doesn't cover this, we should kick some editor's butt...)

Don :)

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All I can say is make sure it's a big enough venue for all of us, I couldn't bear to miss an event like that.

The only concert better than a Raspberries concert, is an Eric Carmen solo concert! It is sort of like picking between your mother and father though.

If you can, try to give us as much planning time as possible. Thanks :):)

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This all reminds me of the anonymous and ageless poem entitled "Desiderata." There's a line that says "And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should." Since I just have this sixth sense that Raspberries was meant to be (and still is), there's no question that everything will work out.

And with the announcement of Eric's solo performance, the universe is indeed unfolding as it should. Everything is going beautifully.

:) --Darlene

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