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Eric's Future: One Man's Opinion


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"Thread Starter of the month"? I accept with grace.

Let's see the last time I flew to Cleveland was for the NYE show. The itinerary went something like this: Calgary to Salt Lake City to Cincinati to Cleveland. Left at 5:00am, arrived at 5:00pm.

After the show, got a ride back to the airport, slept there for a couple of hours, and did the itinerary in reverse to get back to Calgary.

I remember saying, "never again, never again..."

Famous last words!


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Marvin, Are there direct flights from Calgary to Toronto? If there are, Toronto to Cleveland is an easy 35 or 40 minutes non-stop. In my youth, I used to fly up to Toronto to go shopping at Long John's Rock 'n Roll Clothes on Yonge Street quite frequently. They were way ahead of the Cleveland curve when it came to cool clothing and boots. ec

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Now this rocks.

Five months' advance notice for what sounds like a Raspberries-related event in Cleveland, on a Friday --- three days before John Lennon's birthday. (Wanna feel old? Lennon would have turned 66 this Oct. 9...)

Anyway, this time, I'm in.... A drive home to see my folks (western NYS) and then a hop, skip, and jump over to Cleveland. Eric, can I leave my li'l daughters with whoever's watching Clayton and Katherine that day? :-)

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It will be my 1st trip out of Florida! Never had something to look forward to during the upcoming hurricane season here besides the end of the season! (I came on board too late for prev show dates) Hmmmm.....board up the windows dear, just in case, let's go to Cleveland! :cool:

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October 6th...

I'm assuming that you're not inviting all of us over for a backyard cook-out. Could it be the arrival date of a new one of them fancy puppies? How about a special "by popular demand" induction to the R & R Hall of Fame?

No, I think I've figured it out! It's been decided that the new CD/DVD is only going to be sold by infomercial, and 10/06 is filming date and they need a studio audience. Maybe they can get Davy Jones to be the host!

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OK....OK....OK...I'VE GOT IT!!!!!!

Since Eric's post about October usually being his favorite month mentioned leaves changing color, that means "Fall", which could be another way of hinting that something ELSE is going to "DROP" and according to MTV these days, when something "DROPS", it's usually a new CD......

SO - we're all invited to Cleveland for the release party at the House of Blues for the live DVD/CD combo PLUS a live concert with NEW MUSIC!!!

With a wine and cheese soire at Eric's :lol: (I'll bring Grey Goose too....)to follow UNDER the Harvest Moon.....

or i could be dreaming again?

But LOOK what happened last time we all did that?!!!

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We are ready to rock the house, Miss Marlene...you know us, just give us a time and a place and a certain band....

By the by, Eric - your comments about the demographics of CD buyers were so on target..as an example, i just bought Chicago XXX (love every track and I don't remember the last time that happened - definitely loading onto the ipod) and Barry's new album...eh. (I think I don't enjoy the songs themselves...some I like, but mostly don't connect with the rest)

On the flip side, the 14 and 15 year old girls on my soccer team RARELY buy music...they download it illegally. My kids don't buy CDs - they buy it from Itunes piecemeal (or pirate it...I am being realistic )...So how much money are those artists REALLY making?

(total aside: i really miss the cover art to the albums.....)

Well, we EC.COM women and boarders WILL buy CD's and DVD...I think you told us WHEN and WHERE, now just give us the exact location that Al will be selling......

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Me too, Ted ! It sounds like there a lot of us from the message board that plan to attend THE EVENT ! As soon as we have more details, I think we should plan the biggest, bestest pre/post party EVER !! :):)

Hearing my favorite music...seeing (and meeting more of) my WONDERFUL EC.com family....enjoying the lovely city of Cleveland in October...life just doesn't get much better.

I hope you and Ruthie will be there !!

:):) Marlene

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