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Eric's Future: One Man's Opinion


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I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what the future could bring, musically-speaking. What is Eric Carmen's 'master plan'? Is it Raspberries? Is it solo music? Is music still even in the picture? I think that anyone who spends their life in the creative arts cannot just close the door. That creativity needs to be released and the artist in an almost masochistic way, wants to be critiqued on his art.

It's certainly no surprise that the 'berries reunion whetted the fans' appetite for new music either from the band or solo music from you. So how do you take the next step and still remain relevant? Is it possible to re-capture something from 30 years ago? If they didn't listen then, will they listen now? These are all questions that I'm sure you've considered, and I fully understand that you don't need to share your thoughts on the subject, but if I may, here are some options as I see them:

1. Take the 'Springsteen / Neil Young route' and release the music that satisfies you (only one "Winter Dreams" per decade!), without an eye on the Billboard charts, accepting the possibility that it might sell in low numbers. Granted Springsteen and Young are in an enviable position.

2. Make a commercial record with the intent of getting it on the radio/charts. I'm not a fan of Rod Stewart's recent slew of covers discs, but it certainly is a good example of an artist making a comeback with music that has mass appeal.

3. Take an adventurous leap a-la McCartney's "Driving Rain" or "Chaos and Creation In the Backyard." McCartney will likely never sell records like he used to, but these recent efforts showed his willingness to try something different. He also broke from tradition by working with a 'new' producer, Nigel Goodrich. There are other established artists who have also made similar moves by working with producers/musicians who they would not normally be associated with. Working with a 'new' producer might present exciting musical opportunities and partnerships for you to explore.

You have to know that many people out there are well-aware of the 'Eric Carmen' hit song catalog--and I have no doubt that new material (from the Raspberries--or from you going out as a solo act)--would generate a real groundswell of interest. All we need now is, you.

Thanks for reading.


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Tiggsherby said:

Thanks, Marvin...it's a question I've wanted to ask and you said it well. Also, don't forget what Barry Manilow recently accomplished with his songs from the 50's.

He wrote songs pre-teen :D ??

Maybe you meant IN his 50's .... but, he's 60 this year

And Vegas is a very , very good thing for these singer/songwriters ... I am sure, EC you could have a very nice permanent show deal if you'd ever be willing to move the fam ....

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I called Eric and he said to tell you:

I'm not quite sure right now...I hope so...That would be the other option...Of course it is...I would hope so x 2...And those sound like 3 good ideas...


Of course, the cell phone connection was bad, with all the Raspberries music in the background...Eric can clarify if I didn't translate correctly... :huh:

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You forgot Option #4:

Don't worry about having a "master plan."

Artists get to a level where they can record/tour when they want and with whom they want, right?

This option might not be what fans want, but... hey, Eric isn't beholden to anyone, and he might not prefer to have a "conquer-the-world" plan, don't you think?

Just a thought.... Option 4 wouldn't satisfy Raspberries-hungry fans, but it would be an option, after all. And if it is, that's fine too. Getting the 2005 Raspberries tour and new CD in 2006 is way more than most of us expected just a couple of years ago.

--LC :)

PS: Apologies if I'm missing something, but... what does 'only one Winter Dreams per decade' mean?

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LC I certainly don’t feel Eric / Raspberries owe me anything, and if he chose to retire from music, I’d have no problem with that decision. His music has brought me many, many years of joy, and there are only a handful of other artists that I’d put on the same pedestal.


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Wow, a universe of possibilities out there! Very eloquently stated, Marv. I can't imagine Eric doing *anything* without a "master plan." He's a Leo. (I'm serious!)

I *can* imagine him doing something he's very passionate about and putting it out there the very best way he can and seeing where it takes him. I can also imagine that any Raspberries effort will be have a unanimous vote from all four artists. Other than that, I CAN'T possibly imagine, and, for me, that's becoming really intriguing.

I used to want to know everything immediately, and maybe I'm going crazy, but it's really tantalizing to imagine what's going to happen and when it does, it will be that much sweeter.

Would you really want to see "Little Egypt" take it all off in one quick motion? Bad analogy, no one would want to see "Little Egypt" now--I think she was around in 1898. But you get the idea... :lol:

:) --D

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Let me just say that I always like to leave my options open. No sense in burning a bridge if you don't have to. I try to look at everything I do these days and ask myself this question: If this was the last thing you were ever to do in the music business, would you be going out on a high note? I felt that way about the Ringo tour. Taking a bow each night sandwiched between the bass player of Cream and the drummer of the Beatles wouldn't have been a bad way to close out my career. Neither would the Raspberries reunion tour have been. And it's precisely the reason I jumped off the "Walk Down Flabby Road" tour. That one was shaping up to be a sloppy train wreck and I didn't want to be a part of it.

The live CD fixes should have been back in Mark Linnett's hands today. I think he's got some great stuff there to work with. I'm pretty confident you won't be disappointed. I will keep you posted as things continue to develop.

I just read stories in two respected newspapers, one in London and one in New York, that discussed forty to fifty year olds buying more than twice as many CD's as their teenage counterparts who were busy downloading and file swapping. This development could prove to be very interesting. Just a few years ago, there wasn't a major label in the biz that would have been interested in signing an artist that appealed to that demographic. But due to the changes in the way people are aquiring their music these days, we suddenly find Il Divo, Barry Manilow and Andrea Bocelli at the top of the album charts. I like the sound of this.

Finally, I would like to suggest that you might want to hold October 6th open on your calendars. I can't say why just yet, you'll have to trust me on this one. Eric

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My musical services will be mysteriously unavailable on October 6th, unless Raspberries needs a fiddle player, which is highly unlikely. :lol:

I'd best line up a sub for that weekend if any of my orchestras are playing. I think I'll want to be sitting in the audience that night!

:) --Darlene

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Now, I just logged on real quick before I run out to class but boy, when I pick my times, I really pick them....


This is exactly why I have watch when I log on...I get SUCKED right back in....right before finals.

Thanks, Marv!!!

October 6th - diary entry:

skipped school, ditched biological family YET again to fly to see "the boys" and the ec.com family. Had the time of my life (again). No regrets!!!


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October is usually my favorite month in Cleveland, Ohio. Temperatures in the high 60's and low 70's. Very low humidity. All the leaves turning beautiful shades of red and gold. Deep blue skies with big puffy white clouds and sunlight streaming through them.Great big orange Harvest Moon shining in a starlit sky. Yes, Cleveland, Ohio is a lovely place in October. ec ;)

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