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New To The Board: First Question For EC

Marc Nathan

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Bessieboo said:

You might want to notice how quickly the Limited Edition Pkg sold out.

It was offered to this small cocooned Internet group, at $125, at Christmas time when we have gifts to buy, family travel expenses as well as charity obligations and next term college expenses.

It is time for the Music Industry to notice who is willing to PAY for the music and market in that direction.

Well said!

Nobody (as in music industry executives) believed there would be a Raspberries reunion. Then nobody believed there would more more than one show. Then nobody believed they could get a record contract. Then nobody would have believed Mark Linett would produce their first album in 33 years with Bruce Springsteen writing the liner notes.

But like it says at the start of the DVD on the new Raspberries album, "They said it would never happen. They were wrong."

Remember 1972? When "Don't Want To say Goodbye" didn't chart very high, "nobody" would have predicted the next single, "Go All The Way," would go Top 5 and sell 1.3 million copies either...

I don't listen to "nobody" (with apologies to my English professors)...

Don Krider ;)

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Honestly, and I am not trying to be hostile here, but why would a "music industry executive" care?

I appreciate the Raspberries place in "power-pop" history, but 35 years later, despite the fact that all four albums were pretty damn good. The band really only had one monster hit and a couple/few upper mid-chart successes.

Music industry executives don't ponder reunions all that often.

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The only reason the record industry would care would be MONEY.

They do not seem to be making the amount they had in the past.

Are the kids not listening to music?

No, They just do not pay for it,

We do though, and for some reason the music industry ignores the over 20 group.

Reunions may not make a huge amount, but it may keep some record company alive in a dying market.

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Side note:

I did not discover the Raspberries until Nov'06. While tossing my husbands old LP's, I looked up EC and the Raspberries on Youtube.

I was in awe, hooked, in love with the music. I bought everything I could find since then.

I was too young to have experienced the Raspberries in'72 and missed the reunion tour.

I will be there next time anytime any where

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Hi Marc, your words are strong, insightful and obviously truthful. Sometimes people living in a Caccoon dont like to hear the truth and that includes ME too, lol. I want to see how things go with the new CD/DVD before drawing any conclusions. I have not heard any rumors that the Guys are rehearsing a Promo spot for Daviid Letterman or Conan. A guest appearance on a show like that could get it moving...and I think David Letterman is a fan.

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sorry Barb, without further information I have no idea if I know you. My life has been New York - LA - New York - LA - New York - LA ... and I have worked for (OK, this is gonna be like "Life Is A Rock"... lemme catch my breath.)



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Marc Nathan said:

People here at ec.com are in a bit of a coccoon and while not delusional, tend to believe that something may be bigger than it is.

Marc, that's a pretty sweeping generalization to say we're in a cocoon here.... Believe it or not, there are plenty of people at EC.com who have worked in some segment of the music business (myself included). Granted, none (I would guess) have worked for the sheer number of companies you have, or can speak from the years experience that you can, but my point is, this isn't necessarily a sheltered little group of fans who are blind to the bigger picture and naive about the reach of the new live album.

I was really just wondering whether anyone at Capitol gave any thought to re-signing Raspberries. From your answer, which I do appreciate, it sounds like there probably weren't. And that's okay.... I didn't have delusions of grandeur, like a double-platinum runaway hit that clears a path to the top of the charts. "It is what it is," as all athletes are now required to say in every interview. And what it is a great comeback. All the great press it's getting may not mean a hill of beans to record-co. execs, but... consumers do read USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, and all the other outlets that have raved, and you can't buy that kind of (editorial) ink.

Plus, everything Don Krider says.... (Good work, Don!)

Now, time to crawl back into this cocoon of mine.... (Just teasing...)

Best wishes,


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I assure you I didn't say it to be rude, and I would be a fool to think that I'm the only one that works in this industry that reads this forum, but I stand by my sweeping generalization that people here may have a much higher expectation than people who sit behind corporate desks and crunch the numbers as to if it's good business to be in the Raspberries business in 2007. Just let it be what it is, and the band probably ends up doing far better WITHOUT the corporate bullshit that comes with the major label logo.

Hey, I'll be 100% honest. I got my $125 dollar package in the mail on Friday, and the music hasn't left my car and I am thrilled to relive the experience (I was at the show.) But let's call a spade a spade... $125????? What a (about to type: ripoff, here, but that's probably too harsh.) What an over-inflated price for something that would probably retail in a store for about 50 bucks MAX. Honestly, I've spent far more on far worse, but if this WAS on a major label, special limited edition or not, I would have saved a hell of a lot of that $125 bucks. And, I wasn't even one of the people who got in on the first wave, so mine just had a black magic marker swipe where it had the limited edition number.

Two CDs of live music... MAYBE 25 bucks.

One DVD that if sold separately as a standalone music DVD would sell for MAYBE 29 bucks.

I can't blame the "man" (read: major label) for that price gouging.

OK, now you can flame broil me... I can take it :)

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Marc : I read your resume. Except for being a Mets fan, that was impressive. Can you think of an unorthodox way to muscle this music into peoples' view? After looking at those scan numbers, I thought "oh crap, maybe there are only 1000 of us out there in the world". I also thought the media coverage of the release was actually pretty good. This post probably sounds pretty ignorant - I know nothing about the music business. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Marc: I agree with you...$125 was very pricey for what was in the package. The CD audio was incredible, and the video of the show was great. But for the most part, the extra video was kind of disappointing. I was really hoping to see a lot of rehearsal video - watching them work out the old songs, etc..., and there wasn't much. The "behind the curtain", and IWBWY from Cleveland was cool. But I really wanted a DVD of the entire show and since this was the only way to get it....

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But Marc youve partially answered your own question! The fact is, it's not one of the huge labels and a huge amount werent pressed or created either in this case. So that old axiom of "Supply and Demand" certainly is relevant in this case. Certainly, if a major label is producing a special boxed set with goodies, for example, and they are going to create 25,000 units then they can offer it at a lower price at hit profit targets. With the cost of creating things as they are these days, Raspberries arent going to make any bread off the LE's and my guess is alot of the money is simply going into associated costs and other projects. So it makes sense to me really all things considered. Well, I dont know if EC.commers are in a bubble or not but what I do see is a helluva lot of great press , in great venues, for a band that last recorded in 74 prior to this release. Thats something fans and band members alike can be proud of.

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