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Eric: What's this?!?

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I was in the class of '78 and the last I heard from the guy who used to live ACROSS the FREAKIN street from me who now runs the reunions, still thinks I am living there lol. I moved to Florida in 1981! Needless to say I once received a photo of our class who went to the 25th and I could only pick out about 4 from the photos - there were a lot of bald and receding people there lol. I don't want to go back there lol its too scary now.

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Y'all are lucky-cliques were still evident at my 20. The reunion committee tracked me down and tried to get me to come because now I'm an attorney (albeit a rather improvident one), and I wasn't an attorney in high school :lol: ?

Anyway, Eric, you being a man who reads Fitzgerald's short stories, and who wrote a song about that perennial angst-ridden teenaged girl, Wilma Dean Loomis, I imagined that you'd have displayed some grand romantic gesture toward an old unrequited high school love(please don't disabuse me of my goofy,pathetic daydreams eye ). However, I'll assume that, instead, you weathered the reunion with your marriage intact.

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