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Favorite Bridges: Eric's & Others

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1) You do have a musical ear if that place "grabbed" you. You may not know exactly what it was that changed or how it did (some mods are so complex, with all my experience I think, "What the hell happened *there*?!), but the fact that you DID notice something means your ear picked up on it. Nobody who hasn't been thoroughly trained in music will know exactly what happened or how it modulated.

2) All over. Everywhere. One of the coolest is the bridge in "Starting Over." Absolutely fantastic. Not only more than one mod (he goes back and forth between F and E-flat, I think, anyway, down a step for about two bars, then back up for two bars, then down from F to D Major (or at least down a minor third, which is so cool! for about three measures, then goes back up and does almost all of it again, which always makes me think "Wow! How does he *think* of this stuff?! I LOVE IT!"). He also does something with the meter (time signature, or arrangement of beats within the song), that it appears to go into 7/4 or lose a beat somewhere. I STILL can't figure it out, but it's way cool.

3) If you recognize a "killer coda" (or a coda at all) in Ecstacy, then you're much more musically advanced than you're giving yourself credit for. In fact, I think you need to play an instrument, if you don't already. That will make a lot of things clear to you. Great post!

:) --Darlene

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I have to check now what key SO in on the original recording, but one of my "lives" has it in the "lovely" key of G-flat (or F-sharp if you prefer), with "Let's Pretend" leading into it, which is so cool in itself.

I say "lovely" key, because I don't play well in flat or sharp keys, not being a pianist. One of the things Eric always amazes me with is that he lives so comfortably on the black keys of the piano! Eek! *I* can't!

Once, after playing every Raspberries and EC album for my husband one fourth of July weekend, I started writing songs for no reason. One of them modulated from verses in the key of B-flat to a chorus in D-flat! My fingers just found those keys instinctively, and I don't even know why! The music must have provided the inspiration, because, being a string player, I go for keys of C, G, D, sometimes A on the piano. More rarely, F. But not D-flat--EVER!

:) --Darlene

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Did you like their version of "The Worst That Could Happen"? I adored Marilyn McCoo's on the old Fifth Dimension album "The Magic Garden." ("Have you tried love?...") I loved that the album began and ended with that. They later reissued the album under the title "The Worst That Could Happen."

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Speaking of the "Brooklyn Bridge"... Has anyone ever seen "Johnny Maestro" in concert? How about the "Duprees"?

Quite good!

Tommy-I beleve the "Duprees"' roots are New Jersey ones-While "Johnny of the "Brooklyn Bridge" is actually a Bronx Boy.

Guess he wasn't interested in naming his group-"The Cross Bronx Expressway".

Guess he thought with a name like that-the group would go "NOWHERE"-or at best-take a hell of a long time getting anywhere.


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Not only has Paul never played "Back Seat Of My Car" live, but even more surprisingly, he has never done "Uncle Albert" either.

Got to put "Sunrise" on the list of gorgeous middle eights...

From my bed I can hear the world outside

I get up throw my window open wide

Take a breath of that fresh air

Take a breah of that FRESH air

(and I'm thinking...how's he ever gonna make it back from WAY OUT HERE)

Fresh air

and then he uses that really cool piano thing before the drum roll to take us back home.

Sunrise also contains a great "intro" AND "outro" totally unrelated to the rest of the song, but that's a whole topic onto itself.


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One song that seems to have back-to-back bridges is by Paul McCartney, "Live and Let Die". I found it on www.lyrics-songs.com . It also lists 51 songs by Eric. Go down the lists. There is Andy Gibb in the "A's", etc. (I have The Bee Gee's DVD Live at The MGM. And when they sing "Don't Throw It All Away" they show Andy singing live, on screen, as they sing along and watch him perform). I first looked-up the letter "L", but each letter represents an artist. WOW!! They have alot of singers. Back to Paul's song, from a James Bond movie- I really like this one, because the first bridge is fast and just music. Then, the second one, slows down, then repeating the first music bridge, again. Then to slow verse:

What does it matter to you?

When you got a job to do

You got to do it well

You've got to give the other fellow hell

I also like Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight". After the bridge, the music modulates to a higher key:

With each word, your tenderness grows

Tearing my fears apart

And that laugh- rinkles your nose

Touches my foolish heart

Andy Gibb- "Don't Throw It All Away":

We changed the world; we made it ours to hold

But dreams are made for those who really try

This losing you is real

But I still feel you here inside

O.k., a simple bridge from a very famous song, from a movie soundtrack; "The Sound Of Music"

-"My Favorite Things".

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The Bee Gee's DVD is called "One Night Only". Some songs is only acoustic guitar, by Barry.

Raspberries lyrics are also listed on www. lyrics-songs.com

And from Julie Andrews "My Favourite Things".

[it starts out]- Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with string

These are a few of my favourite things

[Then the bridge]-

When the dog bites

When the bee stings-

When I'm feeling sad

I simply remember my favourite things

And, then I don't feel so sad.

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i apologize if anyone else mentioned this, but i forgot all about the bee gees' "Nights On Broadway" which has that long passage which really is a whole 'nother piece of music... BUT it's pure genius.... one of the coolest "out of the blue" turns in a major pop hit...

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"Nights On Broadway!" There are so many cool things happening in that tune. (Barry's macho voice, a catchy riff, classic chorus, killer bridge, Barry's new and refreshing backing falsetto, Robin singing like man, instead of a sheep...)

And master producer Arif Mardin was to the BeeGees, what George Martin was to the Beatles. Too bad he left after only 2-3 albums?

Soon after, the BeeGees went too falsetto far and rode the wave of niche disco until it slammed head-first into Backlash Pier. :wacko:

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Yes, great call Pierson, "Nights On..." might have the best bridge that I've ever heard. It's so good you kind of feel cheated that the melody is relegated to just a 30 second bridge! And good job articulating on the song, Tony (but I still think Robin's sheep vocals have their place :D)

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  • 13 years later...

Another nice thread, an EC.com classic, with all sorts of interesting comments — including several from Eric — on the best bridges in songs. 

Also, this song gets a nice run within the thread, so I'll dedicate it to Bernie.... an early demo version while Paul was still a Beatle:

And, the real deal:


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Synergy is a funny thing.

Was listening to my favorite oldies stations yesterday.  It is one of the few independents left in the area, so their playlist is truly eclectic and plays a HUGE variety from the obscure to the best loved favorites.

Anyway, Nights On Broadway, was in the rotation last night.

I hadn't heard the song in years and forgot how much I liked it.

And I am not a Bee Gees fan.

NOB is a just a great song!

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14 hours ago, Craig Benfer said:

Nights On Broadway is my favorite Bee Gees song from that era.

It might be my favorite Bee Gees song period! I actually did a multi tracked vocal cover a while back as I was that in love with the song! The brothers' harmonies are absolutely incredible on it. Fanny is another one from the Main Course album that blows me away with every listen.


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