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"Lite"-Trite FM


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Not being a musician...I may not describe this phenomenon accurately...But on the few occasions I attempt to listen to Adult Contemporary Radio in 2008...(and I consider myself adult and contemporary)...I wanna puke as I hear this overblown Mariah Carey-ish American Idol-ish "Hero"-ish/Daniel Powter-ish/Celine Dionne-ish/ synthesized CRAP!

I feel like Joni Mitchell...who I don't love...said it best when she wrote..."Don't it always seem to go...that you don't know what you got till it's gone".

On the other hand...just today I was listening to Rhino's "The History of The British Invasion Volume 6...and on this one CD alone...I thrilled to "Sha-La-La-La-Lee" and "My Mind's Eye" by The Small Faces. "Baby Now That I've Found You" by the Foundations, "Concrete and Clay" by the Unit 4 + 2, "Here Comes My Baby" by the Tremeloes, and "Groovy Kind of Love" by the Mindbenders.

Eric....What the Hell happened to good ol' Rock-Pop?-Ira.

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I've been asking that question for years. Unless you have access to XM or Sirrus satellite radio, we're stuck with whatever the 20 - 30 year old bean counters decide what THEY think will sell the most product to their listening demographic. It truely sucks. I have a client who used to be a DJ for the local (now defunct) oldies station. He HAD to play whatever tunes were programmed into his PC. He could take requests, but only at a specified time of day, and it had to have been in that pre-programmed package that they would load in every six months or so. I asked, "What about all the great songs that were in the top ten back in the 60's & 70's that you never play?"

His answer? "The program director (located in another part of the country. Whoever heard of a locally owned radio station anymore?) decides what the public will want to listen to. If it's not in the package we receive, it must be no one cares if they hear it or not".

Heck, they wouldn't play "Close To You" by Carpenters cause it wasn't sent to them by the powers that be.


I just received Sirrus radio for Christmas and our satellite service carries XM radio. I'm lovin' them both. I'm hearing songs that I loved from the 60's to the 80's that I totally forgot about. Yippie!

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I must confess I haven't put my XM radio on since I went to see the boys in October lol - I've been Berrying it in the car for months - I should see if my brother bothered to pay the XM monthly fees after we got the family package lol.

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I've gotta check out Sirrus or XM, does anyone have an opinion on HD radio? I'm with you, Lobsterlvr, that Brandy song, which I didn't like it when it was new, almost makes me ill now. How did this piece of crap survive almost 40 years of constant airplay? Although I really liked it when it came out, Brown Eyed Girl is a close 2nd for songs I do not want to hear!

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For those of you who don't have Sirius or XM....May I second Dave and for your computer listening pleasure...strongly also recommend setting up a "FAVORITES" page for AOL.com and launch FREE! AOL Radio,

There are many free stations from 50's and 60's to Sinatra..to my favorite...The British Invasion".-Ira.

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