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Favorite British Invasion Songs


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Eric Could you list 3 or 4 of your favorite songs from the Early British Invasion...Say from about '64 to '67,68...

Please cyber-friends What are your faves too?

Would ya mind tryin' to list mainly singles ...So most of us recognize those tunes you picked....

Only one rule.....Picking the following tune may result in a 6 month suspension from the board!- :lol: Ira.

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This is really hard to pick a few:

Here are some non Beatle selections:

Needles and Pins

When You Walk in the Room


I Go To Pieces

Summer Song

We Gotta Get Out of This Place

To Sir With Love

Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying

I'm into Something Good

Tell Her No

She's Not There


My Generation

Magic Bus

White Room

You're My World (Cilla Black)

Catch Us if You Can

Look Through Any Window

He Ain't Heavy

Bus Stop

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Yeah "Fresh"...They restored it to it's original dumpy condition...It's an engineering marvel.

Oh BTW....How's about....?

1-"Have I The Right?-The Honeycombs.

2-"Anyway You Want It"-DC5.

3-"I'll Be There"-Gerry And The Pacemakers (Written by Bobby Darin).

4-"Stay Awhile"-Dusty Springfield.

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to Curlew:

1. Name the Boys School that the Beatles played

a concert at their auditorium in early April

1963 at the height of British Beatlemania.

2. What British artist wrote the song "You're

the One" which was the first hit for the

American group The Vogues?

3. Name this old English Drinking song that

hit the top of the charts in the Summer

of 1965 and who was the artist?

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hollies65 said:

I didn't realize that there were so many "ERIC's" on his board to answer the question! 

Your is a fine list Steve, but (and I'm picking at straws here) not sure whether "Friday On My Mind" by the Easybeats (from Australia) qualifies as a "British Invasion" song.

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Steve is absolutely correct!

Marvin...As someone who was 11 in 1964 and old enough to remember every aspect of the British Invasion...The Bee Gees,The Easy Beats, are ABSOLUTELY part of the British Invasion!

I say this authoritatively...Prior to 1964...With the exception of Lonnie Donnegan's..."Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor" and Rolf Harris (of Australia's..."Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport")...American rock was the "Cadillac of Rock And Roll.! We scoffed at music from other parts of the world.

The Beatles arrival in 1964 made ANYTHING remotely related to the British Empire cool.And Australia DEFINITELY was part of the British Invasion!

In fact the British Invasion was SO overwhelming...that for a spell anything not British was so uncool that the "Invasion" effectively ended...for awhile...the careers of Bobby Vee,Neil Sedaka,Gene Pitney and many otherAmerican artists :cool: .-Ira.

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Right you are GMan...Such songs as "Go Now","I'm Into Something Good","Time Is On My Side",etc....were American songs...redone...and improved upon...IMHO...by the emerging...American Rock And Roll loving Brit Bands!-Ira.

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GREAT CHOICE Steve...Pretty Flamingo by Manfred Mann is incredible...

Rod Stewart's version of this classic tune belongs in the "Rod Stewrart Mis-Steps In An Otherwise Glorious Hall Of Fame" along with his awful version of "This Old Heart Of Mine",and "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" in my humble opinion!-Ira.

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