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I borrowed this Eric Clapton title so I could go on for a minute or two about the "Tonight You're Mine" performance from Japan that we all just viewed!

Eric...Ya know I'm biased...But I've seen alot, alot, of concerts...and that is one ass-kicking performance!

Are you able to look at that show and say..."Man that was good"!

I heard Sir Paul watched that video yesterday on E.C.Com and said...

"Stella...How the hell does he rock like that?...I thought my "Maybe I'm Amazed" was pretty good...But THIS beats the S#@T ot of it...Wow!" :D

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Eric...I was thinkin' that you don't often comment on your work...especially when we praise you...BUT...I'd really like to know if you look back at this and other performances and say....

"Man that was good"!

Or like an NFL coach at a post-game conference you talk about what you STILL gotta work on for next week.-Ira.

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