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Piano Lessons

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Mike, Suzuki lessons are wonderful for young children. They don't teach reading music right away, but they make a game out of technique so children think of it as fun and don't become apprehensive. The method teaches music reading down the line but the kids play with more facility than those who begin with traditional reading.

Because the pure Suzuki method insists that a parent learn to play along with the child and corrects mistakes as the child practices, the student doesn't learn bad habits. At school, since we don't have parents there we can't teach Suzuki method, but I use a lot of the techniques and music they use and teach it to my students as well.

If your child is going to learn the traditional (reading) method, I would recommend that he/she begin at 6, or the age the child can read words. Suzuki lessons can begin much younger.

Your local college or university may have a Suzuki program going. I would bet Chicago Musical College, where I studied with Morris Gomberg, has one. It's on North Michigan Avenue. Hilary Hahn learned Suzuki violin at Temple University in Philadelphia, I believe. My favorite violinist, Pamela Frank, also began in a Suzuki program in Philadelphia. In New Jersey, both Rutgers University and Princeton University have Suzuki programs, and so does Westminster Conservatory. Good luck!

:) --Darlene

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Mike, my 6-year-old is taking piano lessons, and I sat quietly to listen to her get her lesson (her 4th) on Friday. It was awesome. What a feeling when you hear your girl (or boy) pluck out "London Bridge"....

I'm hoping to hear her play "Row Row Row Your Boat" next week -- it'll remind me of "Boats."

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