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Propose An EC Song To Be Covered


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Although I prefer songs to be performed by those who composed them, I find myself at times (usually while stuck in traffic) pondering what ifs.....as they relate to EC songs

what if Mariah Carey covered "Someone That You Loved Before"...and so on.....

Does anyone else have his/her EC song cover wish list?

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I would think that Eric would disagree vehmently...after all royalties are a wonderful thing...but I did NOT like Celine's 'All By Myself'. The original eats it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snack periods before, between and after.

Songs with great lyrics, melodies AND vocals...just don't seem to be a part of the current 'thang'. And...if anyone is gonna sing an Eric tune...one would think that the only benefit from that exercise would be if it were to be recorded by a high profile artist of these times.

The field narrows.

I do agree with 'Paulie' though...The best chance of 'it' being a success would be by a country artist.

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Covers rarely live up to the original... I don't mind them so much in a live situation, but on record it really has to wow me to get across...

Naturally the recorded version of the original almost always defaults as the best version...

...but not always. IMO Nilsson's Without you blows away Badfingers version.

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