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I finally pulled the trigger

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Short story on mechanical problems : Before our 50k factory warranty expired, we had major repairs needed for the shifter and the fuel injection housing. The chief mechanic at the dealership suggested an extended warranty for 2.5k to take us to 100k miles. I balked and told him that I thought any problems had been exposed and worked out during the first 50k. He looked me straight in the eye and said "Sir these are Jaguars". I got the extended warranty.

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Oh, and I was wrong about the 400 horsespower. Actually, Eric's new ride clocks in at 420 horsepower. I don't know how much longer Eric's oldest has to wait for his learner's permit, but I wouldn't let him get used to driving it. We are in the middle of that scary process right now. Finally, Eric, if you are so inclined, what CDs are in your changer?

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Congratulations, Eric! I was in love with a guy who owned a white XKE convertible my freshman year in college. Well, actually, I was in love with the XKE. I no longer remember his last name, but I remember the car! I agree with Kirk--that was a sexy car. So is yours!

What exhilaration you must be feeling behind the wheel! That sounds like fodder for some new music...

ENJOY!!! You TRULY deserve it!

:) --Darlene

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