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Christmas Query


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Eric...I have some sense of your views on religion from the board and from having the real pleasure of talking to you at WAB V.

But I was just curious.

I am as ambivalent about my religious Jewish upbringing as one can be...and not being Christian...I certainly have no religious associations regarding Christmas.

BUT...I truly enjoy the beautiful houses with Christmas decor set against the grey winter skies as I walk my dog Styxx each night.

I love how people try to be nicer to eachother for just a little while.

I loved the movie "A Christmas Story" and I love much of the music...especially "Felice Navedad" and Lennon's "Happy Christmas".

So I guess to me Christmas is like Thanksgiving or Chanukah..a time that I can groove on people and family and friends and not ponder the religious underpinnings which really don't speak to me.

I know this may be personal...But are there aspects of the Christmas season you enjoy apart from the religious implications?

Just curious. :huh: -Ira.

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Yes Daisy...I realize that I really have a romanticized view of Christmas with no associations of quibbling families or angry nuns...But it works for me much like Brian Wilson's totally romanticized version of California when I was a child growing up in a repressive Jewish household in Brooklyn...seemed like a place where I would like to spend eternity with ..."The Girls On The Beach" :cool: .-Ira.

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By: Marvin Matthews

All around I hear them say, that Christmas time is soon

Tell me if they know the words they say

Singing out their happy thoughts, and their happy tunes,

And I wonder why it never lasts

Everywhere there's hurt, in this world there's pain

Do we see that Child who was born

And He came that day, how I wish I could hear them say,

That Christmas means, "Our Lord."

All around I hear them say, Christmas time is soon

Still so many hearts filled with hate

Why is it hard to learn to love,

Is that not why we're here

Listen to His voice, His words are clear

In this world of pain, let us join and call His name,

For to love is all that He asks

And I pray that soon, the words we'll learn to say,

Is Christmas means, "Our Lord."

That Christmas is "Our Lord."

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Another Christmas Query...

Do you guys have memories of that great house in your neighborhood that had the greatest Christmas displays? Was your house that house?

...I love Christmas lights...and even today when I walk Styxx at night...I love the lit-up Christmas houses.  -Ira.

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ira said:

Do you guys have memories of that great house in your neighborhood that had the greatest Christmas displays? Was your house that house?

It was never our house that was the best, but my Daddy loved putting up the lights.

One time, I opened the garage door from a few houses up and pulled into the driveway and found Daddy on the ground, kinda pissed. Yeah, he was putting up the lights and I knocked him off the ladder when I opened the garage door. Thank goodness he wasn't up that high, but he was really mad at me. :angry: Oops...

He did laugh about it years later...

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Our house was never the best either so we would drive around every Christmas Eve to look at others.

In a little town about 10 miles from here there's an old farm house that everyone went to see. The house in "Christmas Vacation" is nothing compared to this place. Lights on everything-the fences, barns, trees, tractors--I just can't describe it. You could see the glow before you got there. And the traffic! The house is on a narrow back road and someone had to direct the cars through. It was really something to see! I wonder if they still do it--I might have to go see!

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We may not be the brightest house in the neighborhood... but if we put out everything it would be very close.

I like to change each year , my guys love this -not ! :P

This is Florida, we need a little glitz and sparkle to make it feel like Christmas.

This year the outside is multi color,with large inflatable figures. Some years it's all white, or toy soldiers and many variations in-between.

This year inside is all angels...everywhere

It's sometimes hard to remain tasteful, so I do the Coco Chanel thing.... After I accessorize I remove one thing.

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