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Beatles "Nit-Picking"


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Well, for starters, I ALWAYS hit skip at the beginning of "Mr Moonlight. :o Yikes, that one's bad. I can't say "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" ever did much for me, either. I was not a big fan of George's writing until "Abbey Road" when he just sort of exploded with "Something" and "Here Comes The Sun." Wow! What a turnaround. But then there's "Old Brown Shoe" and "Piggies." Blech.


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Of all the Beatles tunes...Ain't it somethin' that one song..."Mr. Moonlight" appears no less than FOUR times as a least favorite tune in our little informal poll.

Quite the annoying little tune,I must say.-Ira.

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I've probably listened to "Honey Don't" more than that one. Another one that got skipped every time was "Within You, Without You." (I think that's what it was called, that awful song on Revolver). Someone should have taken George's acid away from him. That one's for the vomitorium. ec

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I used to skip "Within You" until years later. Being a musician and into recording, I've learned to appreciate it more. Especially after reading Geoff Emerick's book he put out a few years back. Geoff Emerick was one of the Beatles recording engineers thru most of their career. The close miking he did with the sitar and tabala {close miking for recording was unheard of in those days} was really revolutionary at the time. On a technical level, it's one of the best sounding tracks on Pepper.

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Eric Carmen said:

I was not a big fan of George's writing until "Abbey Road" when he just sort of exploded with "Something" and "Here Comes The Sun."


You weren't a fan of some of George's early material like "Don't Bother Me" or "If I Needed Someone"? I'm surprised.


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My previous list was pretty heavy on Ringo and George...they seem to be over-represented in this thread!

Although I know about the reverence held by the Beatles for Carl Perkins, I also find the covers of "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" and "Honey Don't" to be tiresome. And to further slam George, what was "For You Blue" all about? It reeks of "contractual obligation"...bland, pedestrian blues. I was shocked to see it performed at the Concert for George in 2002, and even more shocked to see Paul having a go at it.

Having said all of the above, I still think George's 1979 eponymous LP is great. And I thought "Old Brown Shoe" was OK, if only for the slightly unusual chords George threw in.

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actually,,, hearing Pepper on CD for the first time w headphones made me like "Within You Without You". I bought all the Beatles CD's that were out at the time {1987}. Try it,,,, listen w the headphones,,, it sounds like your right there, right next to the string quartet and indian musicians!!!!

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The one Beatles track I truly can not bear to listen to is "Don't Pass Me By" on the "White Album". Everything about it is sick making; the banal lyrics, the thrown together arrangement, the unresolved ending, the production that makes it sound like an early demo, the awful tack piano that sounds like it needs tuning, I could go on. How was this ever allowed on to the finished product? :(

Oh, and Mr Moonlight is close second for me too.


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Hey,,, let's turn this around,,,, how 'bout the Beatle songs we LOVE??????

Ask Me Why
There's A Place
all of Meet The Beatles
all of Beatles Second Album
A Hard Day's Night
I Should Have Known Better
Anytime At All
If I Fell
No Reply
I'll Be Back
Baby's In Black
I'll Follow The Sun
Happy Just To Dance With You
What Your Doing
I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
Every Little Thing
You Like Me Too Much
Yes It Is
Nowhere Man
all of Rubber Soul [Capitol]
Ticket To Ride
The Night Before
Another Girl
Your Gonna Lose That Girl
Here, There, Everywhere
She Said, She Said
And Your Bird Can Sing
Got To Get You Into My Life
For No One
Tomorrow Never Knows
Getting Better
Fixing A Hole
She's Leaving Home
Strawberry Fields Forever
Penny Lane
I Am The Walrus
Dear Prudence
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Martha My Dear
Mother Nature's Son
Oh Darling
all of side 2 Abbey Road
I've Got A Feeling
One After 909
Two Of Us

There ya go!!! That's my favs!!!!!!

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Its always going to be different strokes for different folks. In terms of general themes, alot of people like that the Beatles expanded their horizons and became more experimental as musicians and many people didnt like it. I actually doubt they would have had as much impact if they had not charted alot of new pop musical territory in an experimental manner. It allowed them to be considered not only as pop stars but as serious artists. Some people really admire their desire to experiment and expand and some consider it pretentious. Its definitely different strokes. But besides the songs themselves, their perceived expansion as artists was another important archetype in their collective story, that they were on some sort of journey in a sense. In this regard, fundamentally the story of these four gifted musicians, their troubles, their women, the darks sides to their success, parallels fables of knights from the middle ages.

The Beatles "story" is a complex one that actually extends beyond their wonderful output, "What Goes On," " Wild Honey Pie," and "Little Child" aside!

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Pat and I were discussing the thread called "Open Letter" (to a former poster) and he noted Eric Carmen's comment about 20 Beatles songs he'd consider clunkers. I remembered an old thread about Beatles clunkers so I went searching. This isn't the one I was thinking of, but... it includes a few comments from Eric that single out a few "misses," in his opinion, in the Beatles archive.

The first page of this thread got a little hi-jacked.... ignore the comments pertaining to songs about "Larry." They don't figure into the meat of this too-short thread.

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