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In Praise of "Sleep With Me"


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Eric...You have written a number of songs about the act of making love.

You have beautifully captured the essence of adolescent yearning in such songs as "I Wanna Be With You"...("We're almost there...so hold me".)

In "Ecstasy" you write...("'Cause when I'm home...Just wait till I get you alone".)

But nowhere have I ever heard a song that captures the essence of romance,seduction and lust like "Sleep with Me".

I sense wine,candles, and real love...and also unbelievable passion and heat in the bridge...

I'm just tryin' to make you understand the things I feel for you,
Gonna love you every way I can,
Until you let me through, Won'tcha let me throgh,

So sleep with me and be mine tonight,
I only wanna hold you in the morning light,
And show you just how good it all can be,

So if you want my love,
Then take my love,
And never set me free,
I need you so...So darling sleep with me.

Eric...Is this a song that you perceive as a very satisfying and accomplished piece of work?

I'm no musician...Just a fan...But I think "Sleep With Me" is absolutely teriffic!-Ira.

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Ira said:

But nowhere have I ever heard a song that captures the essence of romance,seduction and lust like "Sleep with Me".

Ira, I'm not disagreeing with you cause I absolutely LOVE "Sleep With Me"...but I think "I Wanna Take Forever Tonight" is just as sensual.

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I remember putting a new stereo in my truck and a friend asked to hear how it sounded. I grabbed the tape that was handy and out came "Sleep With Me". When we got out of the truck, she gave me a funny look and commented on my "interesting" selection. I know what all your salacious little minds are conjuring up and I am sorry to break the bubble, but that was as far as it went. On the other hand, she kept bugging me to hear more of that guy on the tape, and she ended up becoming a rabid EC fan.

I haven't tried IWTTFT on anyone yet. Might get thumped by the wife. :P


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It's also the "SL" in "Sleep" that doesn't always sound good as a first word or accented word in a lyric line. Because the singer can "slurp" it up so easy and it sounds sloppy. It can sound OK as the last word in the phrase, but rarely as the first or second word in a lyric line.

I just thought of this theory. Is it true or am I just full of Slurry?

how many lyric lines that work have a "SL" syllable to start the phrase?

Class, that is your homework assignment for today...


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Tony, I remember the first time you said you thought SWM was "bold" and made you cringe. That sounded odd to me coming from you.

In a thread long ago I said I thought it was the most beautiful, loving, tasteful and tender love song I could imagine, or words to that effect.

I'm with you, Ira, it's an AMAZING song, and it puts passion in the most loving and tender light.

Nothing brash about it at all. VERY VERY sweet.

:) --Darlene

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Tony...Darlene and I are great friends.

We go back to the days when you were younger and much different...And as I recall you were studying for the priesthood in those days.

If we were to get a room...It would be to eat shrimp,chocolate truffles,drink scotch and wine,and listen to E.C. and Raspberries music.

With a set-up like that..."Heaven Can Wait".-Ira.

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Today I was driving in my PT Cruiser with my sun roof open and my windows open and I was a 57 year old blastin' my music..."Sleep With Me".... the way those Hip-Hop types blast their music...and it felt good.-Ira.

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Ira, Just don't flash any gang signs when the homies pull up next to you at the stop sign.

Turn up the EC music, the rappers will hear how catchy it is, then they will steal the melody hook,...In a couple of months, you will hear some EC musical hook as the background to another rap song...

You know the saying,

"If you can't beat 'em...at least get a copyright royalty." :rolleyes:

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Bernie...Tomorrow...I'll blast "Someday" (When I'm Cool)...and I swear it will bring an end to Global Warming...It'll bring peace to the Middle East...and gas will retreat to $1.29.9 a gallon!

That's how F**&%%##!!IN! good this here music is! :) -Ira.

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