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Your Favorite Album Cover?


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Poor4Life said:

Gotta go with the Geffen one also. Although if it was rereleased, would the cigararette be airbrushed out, like what was done on the Simon and Garfunkel boxset, and the recent Beatles box?

I didn't know that!

Wait a minute, what kind of cigarrette are we talking about? :lol:;)

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I reluctantly have to go with the Geffen CD. The first Arista CD is pretty good too. Raspberries...I don't really like any of them. The first album would be my favorite choice. Side 3 is a clever idea, but IMO it makes the album look like some sort of novelty item, and not the serious rockin' album that it is.

I like album covers that kind of reveal what's inside. Like Born to Run with Bruce and Clarence. I had a feeling what that album was going to sound like before I put the needle on the vinyl. When I looked at Side 3, I was thinking 1910 Fruitgum Company or the Ohio Express. Of course, when I put the album on, I was completely blown away. I seem to remember a line, "we were locked in image prison...."

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