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Hey Deanie


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Some good choices posted here: Natalie Wood (has all the goods), Audrey Hepburn, Dawn Wells ..

But the winner is, Shirley McClain - cute, sexy, intelligent, funny, charm (to the 2nd power), charm (just look how her eyes would light up when she smiled), charm..

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I have to say, looking back in on this thread, it's pretty damn funny. We should just call this the "Horndog Thread" and be done with it, LOL.

Nice to see so many of you have an appreciation for brunettes as well as the more obvious choices. Me, I think Barbara Eden made a pact with the devil that she would never grow old...Either that or whoever does "work" on her is seriously good, because she looks incredible to this day.

Now, guys, answer the real burning question of our time...Jennifer or Bailey?

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Not so fast on that "Ginger over Mary Ann any day" crap!

Ginger - After an hour (or ten minutes for some of us) of "Hot Tropical Love" on the shore of the lagoon, Ginger would need an hour in the make-up chair before she's ready to help with dinner.

Mary Ann - On the other hand, she could just roll over, brush on a little 60's mascara, and she'd be ready to bake me a coconut cream pie.

Give me that olive-skin natural girl-next-door beauty anytime...

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