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Desperate Fools = Original Album Title?

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I don't know... it is rather downbeat. It's also more than personal... it's quite self-pitying. As I've said before, I'm amazed at Eric bravery in his lyrical treatment of his personal feelings—it takes guts to be that vulnerable—but I wonder how 'attractive' those sentiments would be to the singles-buying public?

Is it top-40 hit material?

I'm trying to think of any other songs, by other artists, that had a similar emotional tone and were big hits?

I'm blanking, but there must be some.

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A few thoughts about Desperate Fools:

The overture underscores the quality of melody - in my view a top ten melody of the twentieth century.

It was not suited to be introduced by radio airplay in 1978. Maybe a movie theme or a new Sinatra song would have been the way to go.

Eric's voice or the type of vocal performance he chose was not suited for the song. I don't feel this way about any of his other work.

The second biggest regret about the song is that Eric didn't realize artistic and commercial success after writing it. The first involves the millions of people who never experienced it.

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I've always loved this song, one of my favorites. It speaks to me and it certainly speaks to what had happened to him and how he was reflecting on his life and profession. It never struck me, personally, as self-pitying. More like contemplative and wondering if it was really worth digging up his inner strength to keep doing what he was doing. I've been there so many times so I guess that's why it speaks to me so intensely. Interesting how music affects each of us individually.

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I think it's a perfect commentary on the music business and business in Los Angeles in particular. I love the song and I adore the overture. Even the key, E flat, has the perfect overtones for the song. A flat would have been too dull a key, B flat too bright. E's perfect pitch is always a factor in his compositions.

He hit a real homerun with these two.

:) --Darlene

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