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With the upcoming release, wouldn't it have been wonderful to see that group perform on live tv??? The CBS Morning Show is coming to Cleveland this week and will be staged in front of the Rock Hall. With some pre-planning, it would've been great to see our hometown heros perform in front of a national TV audience instead of (ugh!)....Patti Smith!

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Although the '70s are gone, evidently Patti hasn't changed much. She was at the Arista 1 Year Anniversary Concert after party with Dylan and she looked like a stranger to the shower. I had a sudden urge to get her into the tub in the bathroom of the hospitality suite and scrub her down. What is *she* doing on the show?! I don't see the attraction.

What it needs is some GREAT music--the guys!

:) --Darlene

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WOOO -- HOOOO --- I got it. Co-branding!!

The Raspberries work out a deal w/ a deoderant company for a raspberry scented product which also has the Raspberries logo/sticker on it.

Then have a poster of the 4 of them addressing a big box of this product being sent to Patti Smith w/ a notation on the outside saying "because we love you Patti". Leno and Letterman would love that!!

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There are two good spots in Philadelphia. First is the TLA on South Street. I've seen Cheap Trick, Wallflowers, Steve Earle, Graham Parker, etc... there. The second is The World Cafe Life. It reminds me a lot of BB Kings. It's tied with WXPN. The Knack just put out a Live DVD from the World Cafe. I think you'd sell out either place.

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