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Eric, What Are You Doing These Days?

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Tony Cartmill said:

I heard, since Eric likes to stay up late anyway, He has taken on a paper route AND part- time pizza delivery with his jag, you know, to help pay the bills...

Well, that's what I heard. :(

I am imagining a Pizza commercial...But instead of delivering the pizza...Eric would be the customer...When the pizza arrives...Eric Carmen opens the box looks longingly inside at the pizza...and starts singing...

With these hungry eyes...One look at you and I can't disguise
I've got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I

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Well, with the sweeping changes that have gone through the entire music industry, there's a lot to contemplate. It's an entirely different ballgame and how does one figure out the best way to put music out there without giving it away, let alone figure out the best way to go.

This doesn't involve decisions that can be made quickly--there are way too many ramifications. Things will unfold the way they're meant to--they always have with this band and they always will.

Eric has always been one to think things through soundly, and so have the other guys, so I know that when it's time to move, they'll move in the right direction. They always have.

Think positive.

:) --D

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I don't know about the pizza delivery or the paper route, but this is probably the best time in years for Eric to present his talents to the Indians...in any position...no matter what position they used him in, he couldn't possibly make things any worse, and he might even help!

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