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Okay Chris...I dare you to write music for this!


Who's in the yellow pages?

My lawyer and the gasoline station

everything i need

the bank where i put my money

the stores where i spend my money

it never seems to last

my credit's goin' fast


praise be a t & t

you've made the book of life for me

if it ain't in there

well i don't care

a book filled with yellow pages

ghost written class to last for ages

it ain't hard to see

they wrote that book for me

who's in the yellow pages

my doctor and the tv station

everything i need

the office where i go to work

the cinema where the perverts lurk

they're sittin' way down low

while they watch the show

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Probably not scheduling a time to start from scratch, but rather muse about connecting and finishing some of the melodies that are floating around his head, and pick a half finished bridge to complete and add, come up with 3 1/2 minutes of music and begin the laborious task of lyrics... hopefully inspired by one of the song titles he has listed among his tattered notes, barely held together by a worn binder on the nearby credenza, that carries the war wound of a water ring from a late night scotch.

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Everyone is waxing poetic on this thread...

Like you, danmichel, I can't just sit down and decide to write. When I am really moved by some event or thought, no matter where I am or what I'm doing, I have to rush to get a paper and pencil and I'm off. But even if someone said I had to write to save my life, I'd have a difficult time. This is true of poetry, lyrics or melodies for me.

EC probably has hundreds of melodies flowing around in his head and just needs the time to write them down. I'm not so fortunate. :)

:) --Darlene

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Trying to compose a song on a schedule is a real bear, to say the least. It was difficult for me to make up something in one week's time for my music theory class.

But, you know, I came up with four songs the following week, without even trying.

I really admire people, like the film composers, that could really do this on a schedule.

What I personally do is just hack away and doodle on an instrument(usually keyboard). Then record this doodling, and take a few notes. In most cases, I come up with most of the music, and 1/4 to 1/3 of the lyrics.

On the next day, or some future day, I'll take time to tighten it up, and solidify the song.

It's really amazing looking back after things are transformed. "Alt Pop #1", the working title, ended up being "Popular Guy".

Steve is right. Jerry Lieber, who co-wrote all-time favorites such as "Hound Dog" and "Kansas City", said that he would lock himself up in a room, with just a pad of paper, the piano, and (yes)a bottle of Scotch.

(Personally, I don't care for Scotch myself, but I would have a beer, some cookies and/or a pitcher of ice water handy)

Collaboration only accounts for maybe 5% of my songs. It's hard to get two people's vision of what they want, to synchronize with each other.

For those of you who don't write songs, it really is a big rush when the whole song comes together.

You just think, "wow!".

So when people say "they aren't in it for the money", please don't dismiss it as an untruth.

Of course, it is an even bigger rush if it gets on the radio, while you are listening to it.

Needless to say, the lyrics to "Overnight Sensation" hits songwriters in that one special spot of their heart.......

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I understand what Eric is saying about FM radio. I gave up listening to it years ago because of the exact reason Eric gave. They play the same 50 songs day in, day out. If you never heard of the Rolling Stones and turned on the radio, you'd think they only recorded 20 or so songs in thier lifetime! For instance,they'll say "Bob Seger has a new album coming out" and instead of playing his new song "Wait for me", they'll play "Old time rock n roll" for the millionth time.

Some older artists are starting to go towards a more country vein and thats probably the reason. Sammy Hagar's new CD, leans heavily towards a Buffett vibe (and it suits him), and John Waite has even rerecorded his hit "Missing You" as a country duet with Alison Krause. Now, will they get airplay? Who knows? But I assume that they've adapted, since rock radio is unwilling to play anything new by established artists.

So, Eric, maybe it's time to get "The High Cost of Loving You" out of mothballs, and record it with a country "feel"!

Hey, it couldn't hurt...


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Let's all remember that Let's Pretend, I Reach For The Light, and I believe a third song were all written in a single weekend. Once Eric gets going, there's no telling what can happen.

In the meantime, can't we get Bernie cracking on the Rarities Box Set that will only be available at ericcarmen.com?


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If only he'd bring out a three track cd with the songs "Devil and the deep blue sea" "High cost of loving" and "I need you" I would be a very happy Irishman. Even though they are old songs, they're brilliant songs. Gerry Rafferty and Peter Cetera both have a habit of digging out old songs and giving them a facelift, and it works every time.

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Aunt Antonietta is my Italian alter-ego who used to get after Cartmill by beating him with al-dente pasta when he got out of line. Now, he's all kinds of a respectable Dad and doesn't need her anymore. But she still loves him! I originally developed her because his name is "Anthony," and I assumed he's Italian.

:) --Darlene

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Songwriting update:Q) What's the hardest part of songwriting? A) Coming up with a great title and concept / Title and concept: achieved Q) What comes next? A) Cool guitar riffs: achieved Q) Now what? A) We put it in the pot and let it simmer for a little while Q) And then? A) Flush it out and write a great, memorable chorus ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss( it's simmering ) ec

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