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Well, Eric, my humble opinion feels that I am sure there were MANY obsticles when you first started writing ... but, you overcame them then!

Which brings me to a question I was wondering ... probably should be a new thread. A few years ago, I had spent some time with the other Eric C. for a few days in Switzerland (Clapton). He didn't really love his most successful songs. He likes the blues. Do you love some or many of your compositions, solo or otherwise? When you hear them randomly (on the radio, or someplace), do you enjoy hearing it, say, as much as many of us do? Or is there a point where, musically, you just get tired or used to them?

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Eric..Two weeks ago I had to do a presentation to my CEO for on the "plan" for the next 12mths. She showed as part of her presentation a short DVD called "Beauty".

In it a woman with a severe physical disability loved to watch ballet and dancing. She was relaxing with a friend who asked her what was the magazine she was reading.

She replied it was about how to dance... but it was something she couldn't do.

Her friend said to her "why dont you try"

She replied"Lokk at me. I cant!"

Her friend smiled at her and said "Just Dance!"

Well the rest of the DVD showed her exercising to strengthen muscles and then "She Danced". Not how most of us would.

But she fulfilled HER dream... She danced.

Two things came to me from that.

1) - Know your dreams and.. 2) - "Just Dance" and make YOUR dream come true. Not mine... YOURS.. and God willing your dream will fulfill my(our) dream


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I was really hoping after the reunion gigs, and some of the notariety, that Raspberries would get the opportunity to make a CD with the likes of a Rick Rubin etc. , somebody with credibility that understood the group's significance in American pop. I think, if given the chance, that if material appeared today that was similar to the incredible quality of those four albums in the 70s, people would be completely blown away.I think a band like Oasis (What's the Story Morning Glory, 1995) showed there was still a context for melodic pop rock in more recent times. Like Eric states, you need the appropriate context that will get articles written in newspapers and magazines and ultimately get the word out. That's a great point though about how it all evolved, just like cable and satellite television, there are so many choices and this has splintered music into alot of different genres and sub classes etc. But I do think baby boomers want to hear songs and tunes unlike alot of other generations.

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What I am thinking (and as much as I hate to say it)is that Barry Manilow is still a hot ticket. He cranks out a couple of tribute CD's and they sell. Arista is still his label and once upon a time Arista was EC's label. Is Arista a possability? Of course, if EC has to go to playing hits of the 50's or 60's I don't know if I would be over joyed to buy it.

Still, I'm thinking that the best way to promote EC is to tour all over. The casino's here in New Mexico pay $60,000 a show. EC could also sell a new CD on the tour at the shows. I just saw Foreigner last week and even with only Mick Jones as the only original member, it sold out. See, people still want to get out and have a good time and sing those classic tunes and have a beer or two while doing it. Even the merchandise sells like hot cakes. $35 for a T-shirt and they sell out. My only problem with that is they need to stock up on XXXL T-shirts for those beer drinkers.

I know that the Raspberries tour was great but, only in a select few venues. EC fans are in all the small towns across the nation too. It seems I'm starting to ramble but, EC could bring his family on tour and see this beautiful country along the way.

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"So it really comes down to this. What's the plan? If I spend all the time and effort to do this, how can I get it out there so people can hear it. Maybe cut a deal with Itunes or Starbucks. Who knows, but that's the real issue. How can you get placement in front of a large enough set of eyeballs and ears to justify doing all the work. That's what I'm thinkin' about these days." EC

I have a thought here, movie soundtracks. Pull a Hungry Eyes again. You get in front of more eyeballs and ears than any other way. The beauty is opposed to cutting a new CD, whereby you end up selling those to the same choir like us, with a movie the song is exposed to so many new people, probably the vast majority who never heard of Eric, instead of selling back to long time fans, there is an opportunity to grow the audience without the constraints and politics of todays music scene. There are no format issues. "Loved that song, who did it? Let's wait for the credits. Eric who? Better check out his other stuff"

Similar to product placement in movies, there has to be entertainment specialists out there that snoop out these opportunities. It really got Kenny Loggins solo career going. Loggins said he loved writing for movies, as they would hand him on a silver platter the storyline, motivation, tempo, etc.

Find a "guy" that finds the opportunities, ring up Pitchford, and crank out some more songs for movies. OR, there are 3 other lads that form a nifty quartet with Eric that could help as well.

Is this way off base? I know it's much more complex than I'm observing, and that thousands of writers submit songs every day looking for this break. Not all can sing, perform, and have Dirty Dancing and Footloose on their resume though.

All I know is when I go to a party and mention Eric Carmen, about the only common recollection I can get from most is boiling it down to ABM. When I HAVE a party and play Eric Carmen/Raspberries cds half the room wants to know what I'm playing, 'cause they like it.

Need a venue to side step preconceived notions and industry strangleholds, and pop a rocker over a car chase scene, or write the next movie love theme, and trick them into listening. The movie goer gets unbiased exposure to the music, by the millions. They don't know if the singer is 24 or 54, what they did in the past, or how cool they are. Just enjoying a few moments of a great song.

The Eric Carmen audience will grow. There's your new ears and eyeballs.

But you better have a full cd ready to go when that movie hits to slap on the movie single...

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good points steve,i really think eric underestimates himself at this point in his life,and that's natural at all our ages..what's the point? who is gonna listen,who is gonna buy it,is it worth the work,who is gonna support it financially,etc.. i think eric and only eric will have the answers,but w/our love and dedication here,we WILL help him/the berries with this difficult decision..good people here,good guy whom the website is all about!!lol,chris

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I don't think Eric underestimates himself as much as he observes how much the music scene has turned into the music business since he first got in, being a realist actually. I use to listen to music in high school, and even buy the albums at times and still didn't even know what the band looked like, nor cared.

Now you have to be an actor, dancer, personality, star, etc. who happens to sing.

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Just to know that Eric is planning to be "locked away" for a few days writing is encouraging. I know from experience, not that I'm in the class of Eric Carmen, that you can't just pull five minutes here and ten minutes there and write effectively. It takes a while to just chill and let the juices start to flow. Then you have to have time to let the flow be soaked up via pen and paper... or computer...

Good luck with the writing Eric. And don't mind us, the kind of "Rabid" we are isn't dangerous...

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9:AM-10:AM - Fix Clayton's bike.

10:AM-10:30AM - Get gum out of Kathryn's doll's hair.

10:30AM-10:45AM - Send Susan to Mall with credit card.

10:45AM-11:00AM - Drink 2 liter of Coke.

11:00AM-2:45PM - Write hit song.

2:45PM-? - Pick up kids from school because Susan is still at the damn Mall...

3 3/4 hours a day writing timeless music, that's all we ask... :)

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So Eric...Can you really write a song on a schedule?

As for me...I can't schedule inspiration...Inspiration has to punch me in the guts and knock me down to make me write...When it happens ideas flow fast and easy...When it doesn't I can only write variations on the local phone book.

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