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Alright Eric, Spill It


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just went & bought the Sunset Strip cd/dvd combo for a pal/fellow musician who's out of town (my limited edition version is on the way), & i gotta say after watching the 5-tune dvd: Eric is ripped & is looking freakin' buff! Eric, lay some arm workout tips on me, i got a little catchin' up to do, headed to the gym tonight w/ my new wife, in fact - free weights, machines, diet, lifting kids & gear, or all of the above?

who am i kidding? Eric probably hasn't lifted his own gear in years... ;)

oh, great show, btw - can't wait to see & hear the rest

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I posted this once before....at the LA show, I was standing just right of center to the stage, maybe 10-12 people back, right behind a couple of sensitive looking lads, one of whom absolutely freaked when Eric took off his jacket between songs, leaving just the vest (from the waist up, of course). His friend muttered something in his ear, to which he replied - "I can look if I want, can't I? This IS West Hollywood, for Chrissake!!!"

(NOTE: In case the same guy/gal sees fit to respond, as he/she did once before to this post, no, this was NOT Mr. Cartmill!!!)

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A store clerk asked me the other day if I needed help taking a 25 lb container to my car. I was a bit taken aback, but I thought, ok, if it makes ya feel better..so I accepted his offer. He then picks up the container with BOTH hands. I nearly burst out laughing. I almost asked him if he needed help!!!

Maybe all these males are hoping for some arm lift hints in the next liner notes...


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