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The first car after my divorce in the 80's was an old Volkswagon bug. I wish I had a picture of it. It was red in some places, when the battery was bad I didn't have to get out and push it, I just put my foot out the door, pushed, popped the clutch and took off.

I had a bad wreck that totaled it but it still ran with no gas pedal, just a little bump that I could catch with the edge of my shoe, a broken windshield, the driver door had to be tied shut, the seat was broken and leaned waaay back, the floor was missing pretty much on the passenger side and water flew up when I drove through a puddle.

My son was driving through the mall parking lot and his foot slipped off of the clutch or something, the car lurched, the door flew open and he fell out of the car. People rushed over to help and assumed he had been struck by another car and told him that they didn't see who hit him.

There were other humiliating experiences with that faithful old VW that I won't go into.

My last two cars were a BMW and a Jeep Grand Cherokee that my son has given me.


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Mother Belle - I really didn't mean to laugh about your post, but when I got to the part about your son falling out of the car I went from giggling to flat out laughing myself silly.

We had a '67 bug until I made hubby part with it last summer. It is the same car that caught fire when he was backing it out of the garage...

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Speaking of WVs, my second car was a '68 beetle which happened to start itself on one occasion - the wire from the battery, which was under the back seat in those things, shorted out to the wire going to the starter. The starter just kicked in, then the car jumped the curb and ran into a brick building. A guy came running out, asking if I was alright. I just stood there dumbfounded and said, "I wasn't even in the car!"

The wife and I both own Hyundais now.

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