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Eric Carmen

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OK....I listened....she has a freaking awesome voice....her delivery is WOW!....the song itself is okay....lyrics are young, but some clever twists in there too....I think the driving force of the song sells it just right, plus her dynamite vocals....

It reminds me of Alanis M....kind of...


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I like the song. Had troubel getting over the title (and chorus), but isn't it a bit tongue-in-cheek when she talks about the "dysfunctional" relationship? After a couple of hearings, I found it funny and cute, but I just personally hate the word "sucks" or any variation or derivative thereof.

But it's so "today" and kids will love it, I'm sure. It's in their vernacular.

I think the music rocks. In it's context I like it. In a different one, I'd love it.

:) --Darlene

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yeah but EC, Kelly Clarkson doesn't pen her songs, right? there's a kazillion people who can deliver others' songs righteously, but for some reason it just doesn't quite resonate w/ me on account'a this factor. kinda like, uhh, Barbara Streisand & Celine Dion

ie: they got the pipes, but not the authorship. i think someone countered w/ "yeah, but what about Elvis" in a prior, similar posting. our own EC, of course, wields both the pipes & the pen most adroitly..

& hollies, i ain't hearin' it w/ this Tommy Keene tune either - could it be our differences go deeper than politix too? have you experienced any trickle down effect from the porkubus bill, btw?

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Oh, and regarding Kelly Clarkson, I think she has an incredible voice that's crying out to sing some rockers. She tried to do it on her last CD but she needed to pick some better songs - there wasn't a hook to be found on the entire disc. There are a lot really catchy songs on her new disc, although some of them are a little too hi-gloss for me. Less synths and more guitars.

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