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#1 When You Were Born


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To Eric and all my cyber-buddies.

My best friend and ultimate Humble Pie/Move fanatic-Mel- tipped me off to this site where you can find what song was #1 in Billboard when you were born,when you graduated,when you first got #!*&!

On August 11,1949-your birthday- Eric... #1 was Perry Como singing "Some Enchanted Evening."

I think you did good Eric.

Perry did a MUCH better job than ANYONE from his pre-rock generation at handling a song from OUR generation's music.

His "And I Love You So" is much better than Sammy Davis doing "Mr.Bojangles",or Frank Sinatra doing "Bad Bad Leroy Brown ",and (shudder)"All By Myself",and "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" (IMHO).-Ira.

Have some fun.

Look up what song was #1 on important days in your lives.


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There are a couple of magical notes in SEE, notes that technically should sound wrong, but they don't. And every time I hear that song those notes make my hair stand on end. Plus the coda is so incredibly simple, and at the same time so universal, it just gets me every time. Well, a couple of years ago, someone sent me a link to that website and I was stunned to find out that on August 11, 1949, "Some Enchanted Evening" was the number one song in the country. All I could think of was "Of all the songs in the world that might have been number one that week, how strange that my choice for the best pop song ever written would be number one on the day I was born. ( Cue 'Twilight Zone' music again). ec

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Years ago, I was at a party at Diane Warren's beach house in Malibu. There were maybe 14 people, all gathered around her piano in the living room and everyone was in some facet of the music and/or entertainment business. We were all just kind of sitting around, and then someone would play a song on the piano and everyone would sing along, and at some point someone asked me "What do you think is the best pop song ever written?" I thought about it for a minute or so ( I had a lot of songs to go through in my head ) and then I said "Some Enchanted Evening". It was really a tough choice between that one and "Somewhere" from West Side Story, but that was the one I chose. Then the guy asked Diane what her choice would be, and she thought about it for a minute and said she could go with "Some Enchanted Evening" as well.

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Ira, cool site.... Thanks! My birth day song was Bobby Darin's "Mack the Knife." Not bad! My dad always dug that song (still does), so I heard it a lot as a kid.

My wife's: "House of the Rising Son," Animals. Fair enough. But my 7-year-old daughter's was "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias, and my 4-year-old daughter's was "Lose Yourself" by Eminem.

PS: You've gotta love Perry Como..... I heard so many of his 8-tracks growing up (again, dad's 8-track collection), along with plenty of Dean Martin and Sinatra. It stays with you....

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On my birthday the #1 song was Elvis Presley's Stuck On You...From Wikipedia...Stuck On You was Elvis Presley's first hit single after ending his two-year stint in the US Army. He recorded the song during March of 1960, and the single was released within weeks, and went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in late-April 1960, becoming his first number-one single of the 1960s, and his 13th overall. My Birthday was Friday May 13th, 1960.

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