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Eric's Portrait


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Yum, Elizabeth...I love sweet muffins, like hot cross buns, right? :wub:

I also like potato chips and doritos and oatmeal raisin cookies and black licorice and rye bread, oh and lettuce. Just in case anyone's making a list since this seems to be turning into a food thread. :lol:

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I mentioned this once, many moons ago, when I first discovered it.

It's not so much a portrait as a piece of abstract art, with gigantic raspberries in it, and a little blurb on Eric.

It's in the seating area for the prepared foods, just like a similar one devoted to Lyndhurst's other claims to fame, Charles F. Brush (for whom Eric's high school was named--inventor of the arc light) and another for someone whose name escapes me now but who I'll probably feel really silly for not remembering.

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I think Eric's portrait is hanging in the "gourmet meat section", you know right next to the sign that says "Grade AAA Prime"... and right above the case where the other "Fillet Mignons" are displayed.... :P

Well, if it were my store that's where it would logically be anyway!!

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Tim From Wisconsin said:

I was just going to ask what the heck is happening to Brian's innocent thread!

Ah, but once you give the girls of EC.com a little ammo, look out! (I think it's kind of fun, myself....)

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