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I don't know about edited, but I was trying to think back to the earliest songs I can remember hearing on the radio in the morning. So far I think the earliest I can remember is Lesley Gore's "California Nights" and Petula Clark's "My Love". A little later I remember The Monkees' "Daydream Believer".

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length- American Pie

Content- Steve Miller, Jet Airliner

... funky sh*t going down in the city..

changed to "funky kicks

I don't remember the details, but I recall a version of Jimmy Buffett's Come Monday replacing "Hush Puppies" with something

I wonder if anyone did, or would, catch the 5th word in "Starting Over"?

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Ira must be close to my age. I was going to use Like a Rolling Stone, Light My Fire and In a Gadda Da Vida as examples. Too bad In a Gadda Da Vida was shortened, I never liked the song and It didn't belong on AM in my opinion, for what it's worth. Two others that worked were Make Me Smile-Chicago (the edits were a little choppy but you really couldn't hear it on AM radio) and Frankenstein-Edgar Winter (I think his highest charting song and a rare true rock instrumental that charted). Like A Rolling Stone was if I remember just a fade out, probably only radio promo copies since the 45 was the full six minute version. Most people didn't have good enough equipment (1965) to play this long 45 and it usually skipped or got stuck because the grooves were so small. I had just heard about Lola earlier Saturday. BBC would not allow references to specific product names so the lyric needed to be changed. The Kinks were on tour in the US at the time and Ray Davies flew back to the UK to record the alternate lyrics, then back to the US in one day!

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TheScentLady said:

More Than a Feeling - Boston
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad - Meatloaf

ScentLady, Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad is interesting in that it's the only 45 I can think of that was edited for length on both the A and B sides. "For Crying Out Loud" left about half the song off the B side of that single!

Also, yesterday I said "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" was shortented for airplay; the 45 sold in stores was not shortened; it was full length (although a slightly different mix if I recall) and had "Hands on You" as the B side.

The shortented version of "Overnight Sensation" was when the song was sent to radio stations with the long version on one side and the short version on the other.

I should add "as memory serves me"... :lol:

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Back in my early days in radio in the late 70's at the first Top 40 station I worked at...we still played the actual 45's that were issued especially for radio...So unless a song contained "objectionable" lyrics...we had the choice of playing the "long" version of the song instead of the "edited" version if it was on the flip side...I always did...

The hack jobs they did on some records were so bad that sometimes the songs made no sense at all...It always pissed me off to hear a song I loved get the heart cut out of it...But that's the way it was back then...Radio wanted to play more songs in less time...So they could play more commercials...AM radio was especially brutal to music back then...

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On a 60 Minutes or some show way back when they cut out the "Christ!" in THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO."

Does anyone remember, "MY BOOMERANG WON'T COME BACK"?

It's about a Aborigine guy that didn't know how to use a boomerang.

On the 45 there's a line, "Waved the thing all over the place, Practiced till I was Blue in the face."

Then I downloaded a longer version and "Blue" was originally "Black."

Politically Incorrect for the early 60's I guess.

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Not only did the stations hack the songs,in Cleveland competition was fierce between WIXY and WHK plus CKLW in Windsor. The stations all claimed "The Most Music" or "Much More Music". They would turn the pitch up on the turntables so a 3 minute song would end up around 2:45 or 2:50. A lot of songs had chipmunks singing and playing. It would drive me crazy. Now some stations just digtally speed up the tempo, the pitch stays the same. "Much More Music" and a lot more commercials.

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