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Joe Borowski


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I know this isn't a sports forum but I know Eric is an Indians fan.Joe Borowski is from my hometown of Bayonne,NJ. I know he makes you guys sweat a little but all of us from town wish him and Cleveland well against Boston!! We even went to the same high school. Eons apart of course

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Mark Shapiro sounded eloquent and really impressive when interviewed on WFAN Sportsradio here.

I keep hearing that...like the Rockies...Next year was supposed to be Cleveland's year of high expectations.

Are you Clevelanders surprised at the Indians' great performance?

By the way...I have officially banned Kenny Lofton from the December Raspberries' concert...and my decision is final!-Ira.

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There is an interesting connection between New Jersey and Cleveland....the Garden State has, arguably, the largest contingent of the fans from the famous band from Cleveland.......both Cleveland and New Jersey have large Italian populations....also

both Newark and Cleveland are major hubs for Continental Airlines....

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Hmmm...New Jersey and Cleveland??? There is a connection isn't there????

Lived in Jersey all my life and in the next few days I'll be flying to Cleveland to catch the BIG SHOW..RASPBERRIES !! What scares me is that I've always been a Cleveland Indians Fan but never knew why?? Maybe it had something to do with the Raspberries coming from Cleveland??? Can't say I'm a Browns fan because I'm a Steeler fan for sure!! lol lol

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