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Eric Carmen

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I have been reading all of the posts here on this particular topic, and I can't help but feel that, if I may quote a line from "I Can Remember", the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same." An thank God that this is coming to be. Despite all of the turmoils, tribulations and whatever, one thing is perfectly clear, the music still sounds GREAT. Eric, you and Wally may see things from different sides of the road, but one thing I am observing, is that while both of you are head strong, when you guys do work together magic happens. Even if you are not writing together, something in the stars lines up and what is created is unique. The fact that a band, who only produced four albums over roughly two to three years could reunite for a brief, yet highly regarded tour and more importantly, draw people from all over the world speaks volumes about just what the band accomplished. Seeing the band in Chicago, I realized that Raspberries was about as perfect a band as any could be. Why, because even though there are two strong willed, and dominant, (as in lead guitar and piano) player, Jim and Dave are the perfect compliment. I honestly cannot find a better drummer than Jim Bonfanti, his playing speaks for itself. I received an even renewed appreciation for Dave Smalley, especially his songwriting, as to me, his writing was like George Harrison, a contrast to Eric and Wally. Like everyone else, people disagree, so what happens with the band will be settled by the band, and that is how it should be. As far as YOu playing with the Symphony Orchestra, LONG OVERDUE. It will be your night, enjoy and savor it. It is something that your kids will remember for the rest of their lives. I hope that there will be new music from the band, perhaps the live cd will bring a new generation into the "Berries Fan FAmily". In any event, thanks for the great music, and best of everything to you and your family, and to the rest of the members and their families.

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Beautifully said, hosskratz. I just keep getting this thought that Eric and Wally will indeed be writing new music together again and that at least Dave will too. At any rate, I truly believe there will be "new music" and that a whole new generation of fans will discover them. I keep feeling like there's a lot more around the corner than we've dreamed.

:) --Darlene

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