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American Idol Thoughts

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Eric Carmen said:

I love Shelby Lynne but I don't sense that kind of angst in Katherine. I don't think she can pull off Shelby Lynne and be authentic....

I thought Mandissa (?) blew ALL of them away during that lame medley of Burt Bacharach hits. She's the one that can REALLY sing! She did Aretha proud on "I Say A Little Prayer." ec

definitely true about Kat... she almost always comes across like a Broadway singer (i.e. Betty Buckley, maybe, but quite a bit younger, and a bit more sultry)...

i missed Mandissa because i shut it off in disgust after the 3rd or 4th hamjob nuked Burt's stuff-- good for her--- she really was the best singer...

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You know Billy... you're right!!! He did look like KD Lang!!!! (and I love her voice....)

I know what Eric means about the Whitney angle with Katherine...there were several songs where she really tried these runs of vocal acrobatics and came out flat or behind the song and visibly panicked in the eyes.

Just sing the bloody song!

And Mandisa was kick ass - calm, great voice and she was a pro when she forgot the lyrics in the Burt medley (I would have FREAKED had it been me and Burt was behind me playing the piano)

I think the voting demographic really skews the results - how the HELL did Mandisa get voted off?

Apathetic voters!

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I loved "This Kiss" since the first time I heard it. What really confuses me is how many people who claim to love pop music say that they don't like this song. Stuff like that makes no sence to me. We have these two guys in our music group (which I have talked about before) that are BIG Beatles fans. They both love The Who too, yet when I play a Raspberries record, they have nothing good to say. How can you be so GaGa over The Beatles & The Who and not like Raspberries????

I'm not sure I heard the different versions of "This Kiss" that Eric mentions. I have to listen again to see if it's the country version or the pop version that I have.

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Trindy said:

Why, oh why can I not bring myself to care about American Idol? It's just one of my quirks, I guess.

Well, there's not much to really "care" about as much as there's stuff to enjoy... it's good junk TV and a decent place to hear how good & awful people sing... and Simon is worth watching just to hear what comes out of his mouth...

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Having seen bits of American Idol and endured parts of New Zealnd Idol I believe AI is far more professional and the standard of contestant a lot higher. That isn't to say there are not good performers here. Unfortunately they are few and far between.

And its not as if we Kiwis are not talented - Crowded House, Midge Marsden, Halley Westenra for example.

And we are about 4 weeks behing in what we are seeing of AI.

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I agree more often than not with Simon - if I were a contestant, I would want more constructive critism right after my performance.

Trindy, you just have to watch the auditions to get addicted. The good, the bad, and the tone-deaf (who are usually arrogant to boot)...makes for Must see TV.

Tony - I HATE THAT SONG "MY HUMPS" with a passion...my daughter Marykate (named after Maureen O'Hara in "The Quiet Man" by the way, NOT the twins) recently had a bunch of girls over for a 15th birthday party. They all thought it was hysterical to sing that song just because they knew I'd blow a gasket...such a degrading song.

Bring me beautiful metaphorical lyrics, please!!!

One bonus about AI is that they bring back some songs that deserve to be brought back...Fantasia singing Porgy and Bess "Summertime" for example.

I was very annoyed that Katherine's rendition of "Over the Rainbow" was a blatent ripoff of Eva Cassidy's vocal arrangement. In some places, note for note copied. At least acknowledge the late singer!

There! I've vented!

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Oh, Marlene, you are missing out on a real fingernails-on-the-chalkboard treat!

It's not as bad as Gangsta Rap, but it is magnified trash becuase it is by a mega-successful popular group!

The music is simply terrible, the instrument sound choices are irritating, the rap part is sooooooo stupid, the singing style is so trashy...

It's supposed to be a harmless little pop ode to the ghetto mindset, But it makes me want to slap somebody every time I hear it.

It is probably the most anti-Eric Carmen style popular song I've ever heard.

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I am still cracking up at EC's Emily Dickinson reference - my favorite poet! It makes sense, Eric...Emily rarely left her house to interact with people...what ELSE would she have to write about except "MY Humps".....I crack myself up.....

Darlene, there are very few songs that shouldn't ever get one atom of air time...this is at the top of the list.

i remember my dad banging on my door and telling me to get "that crap off your record player!"

The song was "Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel and he heard the song through the vent in my room (which was right next his chair in the kitchen....)

"Come out Virginia, Don't make me wait, you Catholic girls start much too late....."

I'm lucky the album didn't become a projectile out my window! OOOOOhhhh...the delicious scandal of it all!!!!!

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Annie, that's funny! :lol::lol: Sylvia's "Pillow Talk" was the 45 confiscated by my mother and thrown into the burning fire (i.e. trash barrel). Then I got headphones... You can't imagine how scandalous it would have been if my conservative deaconess mother had heard the likes of "Go All The Way" coming from my room.

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I swear, Mellie, THAT was the beauty of metaphorical lyrics! My mom (strict Irish-Catholic, my dad was the same except a male...da dum dum cymbal crash..)

didn't get the lyrics even when she was singing along with the records!!

What about "10 inch record" by Aerosmith or "Walk this way"...I have to admit i didn't REALLY understand what Steve Tyler was saying...boy was I embarrassed when i found out.

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I can't help it--I always grin when I hear "Only the Good Die Young," because I *was* a little Catholic "Virginia." I can still hear Sister Gemma telling the girls in catechism that "getting involved with a boy" would stain our souls as black as if someone poured ink all over her snow-white wimpole! What a picture that painted! :lol:

Annie, can *you* relate?!

:) --Darlene

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