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ABM Did You Know?


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You illustrated the feelings of loneliness completely.

Do you think more people relate to the lonely feeling or the beautiful melody ? Maybe it is your ability to express emotion in your voice.

Another thought is the simplicity of the lyrics allow an ambiguity to its application.

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A great song happens when the lyric and the music are perfect for each other and capture an emotion that's universal. I always try to sing from the heart ( I don't like to overthink a vocal). I think ABM captured that feeling that everyone has had, at one time or another, and I purposely tried to keep the lyric very simple and conversational, like I was talking to a friend, or just thinking out loud. I guess it all worked. It's all about honesty. If the listener believes you, it all works. If he doesn't, none of the rest of it matters. A great string chart, the NewYork Philharmonic, Will Lee and Steve Gadd on bass and drums, none of it makes any difference if the singer doesn't convince you. Honest emotion is what people want. ec

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