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Eric, You Have A New Little Fan!


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Hi ya Mr C - I don't have a question, just had to pass this story along to you.

One of my clients is a tiny three year old girl who is incredibly bright.

At the end of our session, she saw my cel phone on the table and opened it up and saw the picture of you and me at WAB. She recognized me and asked "who is dat man?"

I explained "that's Eric. He writes my favorite music."

She looked really intently at the picture and said "I want to hear Eric's music too."

I played her my ringtone "I wanna be with you"

and she started dancing and grinning. I think I played it three times before walking her out to Mom.

Now, every week, at the end of our session, she asks to see "Eric" and to hear your song.

Told you she was bright!! :lol:


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My kids were fed a staple diet of Raspberries and Eric's music when they were little, and most times we had to travel long distances we'd listen to and sing along to their music. The one question that my son asked me was "mum, why does Eric sing about "awful" love? It took me a while to work out that he was talking about "All For Love"!!!! :):lol:

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