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In all my reading about the berrie's, I can't recall any mention or stories involving the traditional "Tour Bus".? Did you guys ever use one for an extended period as you toured with the first or second edition of the group, and if so, any stories, moments or memories come to mind involving one and the miles and miles aboard such a vehicle?



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We weren't making enough money to be able to afford a tour bus. That would have been the lap of luxury. No, we rented a station wagon and packed the four of us, and our tour manager and all our suitcases into it. Then we'd drive for four hours, do a sound check, play the show, go back to our hotel and get up the next day and do it again. We'd do that for six months at a time. Sometimes we'd fly if the routing was miserable, which it often was. A typical week might be Boston to Providence to San Francisco to Atlanta to Wilkes-Barre to Miami. It got very old. ec

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