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Eric's FANTASY Band

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Eric Carmen said:

When I recorded the song "Change Of Heart" I decided to try a little experiment. Instead of booking the typical L.A. vocal session with either the current guy or girl session singers of the day I decided I'd like to try some mismatched singers with different styles and try to reinforce their individuality rather than go for homogenizing. The singers I booked were

Samantha Sang (Austrailian BeeGee girl)

Valerie Carter (urban cowgirl) Donny Girard ( lead singer of David Foster's band Skylark) and Brian and Brenda Russell (Brian sounded like a smoother Bill Medley, Brenda is the "Piano In The Dark, Get Here singer). I wasn't really sure if it would work but when they started to sing it was absolutely magical.

Eric...is this how Samantha Sang came to cover Change Of Heart on her Emotion album?

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Bump of the day. A great old thread for any of us who like to spend time in fantasy land. 🙂

I especially wanted to get this in front of BT, who registered recently and asked about Eric comments on the Beach Boys. This thread has a really insightful bit from Eric on the Beach Boys' vocals. It's the 19th post down on page 1.

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Very good bump indeed.! Anytime I can see Eric talking about music and instrumentation is a great day.  And he added Dusty Springfield and Lesley Gore to his list..perfect! And he doesn't beat around the bush, he says exactly what he likes and what he doesn't.   I appreciate his honesty. Good job LC. 

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