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Eric's FANTASY Band

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I'm stickin' with John Lennon for my baritone. Funny that you mentioned Denny Dougherty. Some friends just invited my wife and I to go see the Mamas and the Papas next month. I've always loved Denny Dougherty's voice and from everything I've seen, he seems to be a really nice guy as well. When my son was little, we used to watch Theodore theTug Boat together. Denny was the narrator and Cap'n of the ship! ec

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Who's in the Mamas & the Papas nowadays besides Denny? John Phillips is gone, and I can't imagine Michelle Phillips bieng with them. I know John's Daughter Mackenzie was performing in the group when her Dad was still alive, but haven't heard anything about them since...


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Eric, Thanks for the cool insight into the way you orchestrate voices. I can still remember the very first time I heard Raspberries on the car radio. The blend was pure magic and I became absolutely entranced and almost hit the car stopped at a stop sign in front of me. Reading your above post brought me back to hearing that amazing vocal blend for the first time. I'd REALLY love to play something that you arranged for symphony orchestra!

:) --Darlene

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Isn't it funny that two rockers breathed second winds into their careers by hosting childrens' TV shows....Denny & Ringo?

And I would go see a Mamas & Papas today, if Denny & Michelle were performing in it. I've seen enough 60's/70's bands with one original member. This would be no different.

5 years ago, Papa John (God rest his troubled genius soul) orchestrated a 'new' Mama's & Papa's without him actually in it. It came to the casino down the road, and I just couldn't go, knowing it wasn't even close to the real thing.

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For sure Lew, he's tremendously underated. LC, I love Cat Stevens voice. I like distinctive voices. Thats my argument with most of today's singers, they all sound the same. Other singers I love: Nat King Cole, Robert Plant, Rob Tyner, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, John Fogerty, Paul Rodgers, Chrissie Hynde, Paul Westerberg, Marvin Gaye, Sinatra, George Harrison, Brian Wilson(pre 1973) Glen Campbell.....

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[bump... from 2007!]

Two years later, this is still one of my favorite threads. It's like picking up a good magazine story you haven't read in a long time. I thought some of the newer members here might get a kick out of seeing it, in case they missed it.

Here's how Eric's dream band sorted out (from p. 1, plus his addition of John Lennon on p. 2):

Keith Richard ( guitar)

Pete Townshend (guitar)

Bruce Springsteen (guitar)

Paul McCartney ( bass)

Will Lee (bass)

Bob Babbit (bass)

Keith Moon (drums)

Jeff Porcaro (drums)

Ray Charles (piano)

Steve Winwood (organ)

Junior Walker (sax)

Tom Scott (sax)

Toots Theilman (harmonica)

Sting (vocals)

Carl Wilson ( vocals)

Brian Wilson (vocals)

John Lennon (vocals)

Dusty Springfield (vocals)

Terri Nunn (vocals)

Lesley Gore (vocals)

Ray Cooper (percussion)

Quincy Jones (bandleader)

George Martin (producer)

(Eric, any revisions, additions, subtractions to this lineup?)

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That would be one heck of a group photo. Like a class photo, or the cover of Sgt Pepper. I see that McCartney gets in the band, but not on vocals!

I'd like to see another band made up to compete against. Maybe Eric Clapton, Brian May, on guitar to start. Roy Orbison on vocals, John Entwhistle on bass. Who else makes the rival all star band? Roger Daltry? Freddy Mercury? Neil Peart on drums?

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