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Eric: Top 5 Proudest Compositions

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EC, what do you choose as the top 5 songs that you have written and recorded, regardless of how successful they were, which do you feel were the best overall compositions you created? What songs have stood the test of time to your critical analysis?

Remember, chart position doesn't count.

If you choose the long version of ABM, then pick 6...

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All By Myself
Boats Against The Current
Desperate Fools
Nowhere To Hide
She Remembered
Go All The Way
Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
The Way We Used To Be
Let's Pretend
Run Away

There's my top 10

And not bad, if I do say so myself!

Part 2: Many things have been more satisfying than choking Cartmill in L.A., thank goodness.


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I imagine it's a different feel for Eric since he

wrote 'em hollies65. My top 10 would include Ecstasy & I'm A Rocker --- maybe Tonight ( note my avatar ). There's just so many --- and I like Boats, MMLC & She Did It & Let's Pretend & Overnight Sensation, GATW & ABM. There, I think I did my top 10 list.

Ecstasy & I'm A Rocker jams to the max!!

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Great question, Tony.

I'm glad Eric gave us his top ten...it's tough enough to narrow it down to 10, much less 5. You know you've written a lot of great songs when Love is All That Matters, Marathon Man, I Think I Found Myself, I'm Through With Love, Foolin' Myself, All For Love, Someday, etc. can't make your top ten...and we ain't even talking about all the great songs that he co-wrote.

I was glad to see Run Away in Eric's top ten. I never hear it mentioned much when people talk about their favorite EC songs. Run Away has to be the "shortest" 8 minute and 5 second song ever recorded. Every time I listen to the Boats CD (which is often), I'm amazed at how fast it plays. There's 3 to 4 minute songs on the radio that I think will never end...yet I never tire of an 8 minute Run Away...GREAT SONG.

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I meant "I hear you Early" not "I here you Early". No spelling bee for me this month.

I love Marathon Man & Sunrise too.

When I was a senior in High School I loved it

when the cheerleaders did a routine to Sunrise

during half-time of a basketball game.

The 1st solo album is chock-full-of-greats.

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I think that "Let's Pretend" is an amazingly well-written tune. It should have been a smash! The chord structure is brilliant and the bridge is as good as a bridge can get. I often hear a song on the radio from a new artist and say to myself, "poor bastard"....he'll NEVER write another song as good as this one...when I heard George Michael's "Kissing a Fool", I thought hat was it!....one of the most beautifully constructed songs ever.....of course he proved that he had many others in his had...you too rpoved that you culd out-do yourself...

The first time I heard "Boats" was on Canadian TV on a show called "Circus" hosted by Sharice Lawrence and Cal Don (sp?)....during Cal's solo spot, he sang "Boats".... it floored me....!!!! Weeks later I bought "Boats" by you....aand it nearly killed me...

You have wrtten some gems, and they are still as vibrant and emotional today as they were back then...

I have a feeling you still have a few in the rafters....waiting to be aired out...


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As someone wrote on this forum before, it may well have enjoyed more airplay and chart numbers had the intro given the DJ's a little more time for announcements at the start of the song before the 1st lyric was sung. Unfortunatley it seems like there's always a biz angle to things.

I remember the days of the 3 minute singles so advertizing, etc. could be satisfied.

Eric probably can tell you more about what kind of considerations had to be mulled over when trying to write a 'hit single' or

..... "Hit Record".

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