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Eric's Vox Amp


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I long...no, ACHE...for my old Royal Guardsman.

While in college, I was playing bass in my band du jour. But at the time, was undecided whether I was going to focus 100% on guitar or bass. BOTH sounded great out of that amp.

Senior year, I traded my RG for a Fender Twin and have been kickin' myself ever since. They are SO hard to find in good condition.

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In the United States, The Royal Guardsman was the "baby brother" to the Super Beatle. It had about half the power (60 watts)and half of the speakers, (2 12's instead of 4). Other than that, it had the same features/control panel. It was also available with a closed or open back.

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Update: Eric said it was an "old" Guardsman. The really early ones were modeled after the english version of the AC-50, which had a separate amp head and a small speaker cabinet. That would account for it looking like a combo. If I'm not mistaken, those are pretty rare. Most of the Guardsmans out there since the mid 60's look like a Super Beatle, similar to what Eric & Wally's new modeling amps look like.

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